A doctor has invented acid-proof make-up after being inspired by acid attack victims.

Dr Almas Ahmed, 32, says she has spent the last decade designing a chemical which can be used in cosmetics to protect wearers from acid burns.

She claims the compound known as ‘Acarrier’ has been developed so it will not react with any corrosive substances like acid.

It is currently being put into in a foundation cream but Dr Ahmed is hoping to develop a moisturiser and sun cream in the near future.

Acid attacks have risen in in recent years – there were 450 in London alone in 2016, double the number in 2014.

Dr Ahmed is ambitious for her product, which is liquid-proof and can withstand heat up to 400°C and one day hopes to make a stab-proof moisturiser as impossible as it sounds


‘It’s basically just a foundation, it looks, feels, smells, works just like regular make-up, but it’s completely heat-proof and acid-proof.


The foundation is made up of very strong bonds which make the structure impenetrable. A bit like how an Umbrella does to rain drops. It is also waterproof to any liquid that comes into contact with it.

The make-up also has a high heat resistance so it can’t be melted by temperatures up to 400°C.

Acid attacks are when someone throws a corrosive liquid onto another person, and the chemical causes their skin to burn.

It can be extremely painful and cause permanent disfigurement and scarring.

After medical school, Dr Ahmed started her career as a research physician in neurosurgery.

‘You can’t burn it and it won’t burn through either.’

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