Arsenal grab 1st 3 points Under Unai Emery as they beat West Ham 3-1

The Gunners needed to come from behind to mark their First win of the season and also first 3 points under New Manager Unai Emery. West Ham were seen as almost the best team for the Gunners to meet at this tricky period but the game didn’t prove as easy as Gunner fans would expect.

But At least there are points on the board, a home victory and a degree of momentum can be made, now that the problematic early fixtures of Manchester City and Chelsea are behind them. There was no Mesut Ozil. He was ill with a cold (reportedly) but maybe that was also a hint of the future. Emery publicly asked him for more, after the opening-day defeat against Manchester City. He did so again at training in a more private situation on Thursday. We will never know for sure whether Ozil would have started on Saturday. What we do know is that he isn’t a natural fit for what Emery wants in terms of defensive work from his No 10.

Be that as it may, Emery is new at this Job and if there’s anuthing he needs to do quickly it is to ensure that he leaves no member of this team in doubt of his  being a boss that won’t stand for anything short of 100% from his players. Ozil has largely been anonymous so far this season and has come under criticism from both fans and media the rumors that there was a training ground spat between him  and Emery may not be Untrue.

The Gunners have had a history under Wenger of making things difficult for themselves in games they ought to win easily and they were back to their Old habits again yesterday allowing Westham take an Unlikely lead through Aunatovic in the 25th Minute. The defending was timid and the Austrian took full advantage.


Monreal responded for the Gunners as he has done so many times and got an equalizer after some good wing combinations between Mihkitaryan and Bellerin. 1-1 it ended at half time but the Gunners had several scary moments at the back as Westham spotted the softcentre and hesitancy at the back between Sokratis and Mustafi and put pressure on.

2ND Half the Manager brought in the dimunitive Torriera and he helped in steadying the ship in the middle of the park where the Westham team were having a filled day. Substitute striker Lacazette came in and brought about some much needed energy that broke the Visitors resistance providing the ball that led to the own goal scored by Diop to make it 2-1 and generally giving far more problems to the Westham backline than Aubameyang was giving.

Welbeck who came in for the misfiring Aubameyang scored the 3rd and winning goal from a Bellerin cross and the Points were sealed.

I really don’t know how we can navigate this season with Mustafi and Sokratis at the back. They look like they can concede at every point we are under attack. I do agree with some school of thought that the entire team needs to do more in defending and not leave the Back four so exposed but the manner those two  go about their Jobs. I shudder at the prospects of meeting Liverpool in Anfield or City at the Etihad where the pitches are big. But all said and done the 3 points are very welcome and we can now look to Building a bit of steam as we head to Cardiff CIty next game.

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