A MAN who believes he is possessed by the devil and stands accused of murdering his girlfriend is now refusing demands to marry her corpse.

Saliu Ladayo, 24, allegedly told cops he repeatedly stabbed 19-year-old Confidence Chidiebere in the chest with a kitchen knife after she called him “lazy.”

She reportedly also spurned his demands for sex after accusing him of cheating on her in Akure, Nigeria.

Her grieving parents insist Ladayo must wed their daughter before she can be buried.

They told him: “You must follow us to our home state Imo where the wedding will be carried out like a normal wedding, with gowns, rings and even the payment of a bride price before she could be buried.”

But eight months later her body is still in a morgue because Ladayo refuses to agree to their request, according to local media reports.

He apparently went along with the idea at first when Confidence’s family threatened to curse him and his relatives.



Akure city of the crime


But he has since changed his mind and pulled out of the traditional rites arrangement, a family source said.

Confidence’s mum Lovelyn said Ladayo lived with his uncle in Akure while his parents were 200 miles away in Lagos.

“We have asked them to bring money to perform the rites,” she told local media.

“But they have not shown up, while the corpse of our daughter has been lying in the mortuary for eight months.”

Confidence’s family are praying for some encouraging progress during a court hearing on January 15.

The budding engineer died while visiting Ladayo after sitting her university entrance exams.
Police said at the time of Ladayo’s arrest last May: “The boy has confessed to us that he stabbed his girlfriend because she always accused him wrongly of double-dating, and cursed him.

“It was out of that annoyance that he brought out a knife and stabbed her.”

Ladayo, who faces a murder rap, claimed the devil had cast a spell on him.

At the time of her death, Ladayo told reporters: “After she returned from writing her West African Examination , some people on the street told her I came home with another woman.

“She was so annoyed that she came to my place penultimate Saturday, very angry with me, saying a girl came to her that I came to ask her out.

“She started cursing me that if I make love to another girl, I won’t make it in life.

“I appealed to her to cool down, that why would she lay curse on me.

“I told her I can’t do that and I returned the curse back to her.

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