In Nigeria, There are all kinds of men. While some of them are great, others are just men because of their physical traits. Nothing else sets them apart. They are not the reliable kind that any woman should passionately hold on to. Owing to this fact, if you find a man that is any of the following, you should hold tight, lady and never let them go. seriously

1.    A Listener

You would be amazed how hard it is at times to find a guy who has enough patience to listen to all your woes and esteems even the most ridiculous things as important as long as they come out of your mouth. If he not only hears you but pays attention without the slightest grumble then he is a definite keeper.
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2.    Respects your opinions

There are too many men out there who think a woman is good for only two things- warming his bed and cooking his food. If you are not dating one then thank God, my sister. Men who seek your opinion before making decisions rather than simply telling you what they have decided are truly rare.

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3.    Supportive

If you have a guy who stands by you all the time and cheers you on, no matter the cost then you are blessed among women. Some men who assume that your ambitions and dreams ought to take second place behind theirs but one who is committed to seeing your dreams come through and would defend you anytime, any day is a ten over ten.
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4.    Brags about you

It is not only how he relates to you that is important. A man who is so proud of you is a man that really loves you. I don’t mean he should view you as a trophy but then he should esteem you and make other people respect you. This one is the clincher..A woman is a man’s Pride..if your man smiles when he talks about you to his friends ..omo you are the babe.
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