Why Women of other African Countries & others love Nigerian Men

Whether it’s to find their very own Davido or  Tubaba, or  maybe to keep themselves endlessly entertained with the Naija accent, it is a fact that the rest of African women love Nigerian Men.

The proof is just how much of  African Women throng the parties, concerts and comedy shows of Nigerian acts with the Hope that they could snag 1 naija bobo of their own.


So what is it about Nigerian men that other African women find irresistible? It turns out there are quite a few characteristics .Obviously, and most importantly, Nigerian accents are one of the most intriguing qualities.

According to a survey by UNILIFE,a students’  experiment exploring student life in Campuses in Ghana, Nigerian men have a captivating way of talking, mixing English with the Pigeon version that is both cool and sexy at the same time

The accent appeal has also been a proven record of success as once a Nigerian man walks into a room filled with other Nationals the moment he speaks he gets Noticed and the ladies from Ghana , sierra Leone, Kenya and co start to take intsant notice. Most times the attraction has begun even before they have the chance to assess his looks


Bode a 25-year-old living in Accra  told Unilife: “Being Nigerian in Ghana is like dating on “easy mode”. I used to hide my Nigerian Identity previously, then people just thought i was an Ordinary chap.But the moment i saw how my fellow Naija Guys were scoring hits with the ladies, i embraced my true nature and Boom! I got more Girls, went on more dates, and when I arrived at any bar and spoke for the first time, 9 times out of 10 the women seemed to really like it. I even ended up in a relationship with a Hot girl who often jokingly called me her “bobo Naija ” you  could clearly see the Pride as she showed me off to her envious pals.


Unilife spoke to the ladies too to get their own take, Natasha a 23-year-old South African  told us her own story: “It is just an attractive accent,  It sounds Manly and you’re not used to hearing it from where i’m from so it is enticing for me, It may not be proper English, but who cares its sexy, so you just want to keep listening.”

“Iv been a big Fan of Naija Music, Psquare, Tuface and others and i know the sound of the Nigerian way of Talking so when i decided to attend Univeristy here in Ghana knowing i’d probably meet Naija guys was a thrill”


Nigerian men also offer a unique dating option for women.

Even though Dating someone from a different background can come with some hurdles such as language barriers and cultural variations – Nigerian Men tend to know how to be perfect Gentlemen towards Women of other Nationalities.The Jury is out on if they do same for Nigerian Women but a Survey by UK life gave a result of a cross section of British women Dating or Married to Nigerian Men that 75% of their Nigerian Spouses are the best Men they have ever been with.

Bridget 29, has been with Amah for 3years. They met while she was a coffee sales girl as Starbucks while he was a Master’s degree student from Lagos. She said ” he is a good mix of  Adorable and insufferable. One minute he is like an angel the next i want to bash him over the head with my Coffee mixer”. “He is very Manly though and protects me like a flower. Iv met his parents and we will one day get hooked but im sold out on him. I wont swap him for any one else.”

Diane 25, said she had dated Jamaicans , white British Guys but her best experience was with A Nigerian guy Ola. “He knew the best way to treat a woman, i mean the guy was smooth. I can be a bit of a bitch you see..but Ola never lost his head. He would take me to the best Nigerian Parties and wrote me bad Poetry. He got Deported in 2014 back to Nigeria after he was unable to get his papers and i remember crying for weeks. We still keep in Touch via email and i may one day visit Africa for the first time because i really do miss him.

Its difficult to pinpoint the exact qualities that make The Nigerian Man stand out, Maybe its the phrases, and the deciphering of the meaning which can be difficult but can also be fun for the foreign girls than anything else.

Basically, Naija men offer the possibility of an exotic boyfriend without being too exotic. And while we know that they are not all able to Gift wrap a Porsche to their women like some of their more established compatriots.Why shouldn’t the international women derive the joy that they can find their very own Tuface, Whizkid, Dbanj or Davido in life.

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