A shocking story broke out last week of  a Banker in Lagos who take his own life,

The Country maybe in dire straights and yes Times are bloody hard, but this wasn’t a brick layer, or Truck pusher we are talking about here. The 46-year-old male banker attached to one of the United Bank For Africa (UBA) branches in Lagos state, was a middle class citizen trying to make it in Lagos as most are.

Mr. Ibeakanma, a father of one, was found lying lifeless in his room in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

According to reports gathered by varying Sources, the deceased identified as Onyechere Ibeakanma from Umuakam Afugiri in Umuahia north LGA, Abia state died after drinking a substance believed to be sniper. (Sniper again!)

Until his death on Friday 9th of August 2019, Mr. Ibeakanma was a Relationship Manager at the UBA.. Was it a case of something Diabolical or just Midlife Crisis?

According to what a family source told Sources, Ibeakanma left a suicide note for his wife who went shopping when he came back from work, intimating her of his intentions to end his life. Now he is no more, leaving loved ones to mourn him.

This article is looking however at the similarity in trends between this recent tragic incidents in Lagos and others abroad. The Banking environment is seen as a glamorous, Upper class profession by people looking from the outside but for Insiders its a cut-throat environment full of politics, treachery,betrayals and disappointments.

Thirty bankers in New York, London and Siena, Italy, died within 17 months of each other in 2013-15 in what authorities deemed a series of unrelated suicides. But in each case, the victim had a connection to a burgeoning global banking culture of making staffs pawns in a Merciless and brutal corporate chessboard, leaving more questions than answers as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The March 6, 2013, death of David Rossi — a 51-year-old communications director at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world’s oldest bank — came as the institution teetered on the brink of collapse.

Rossi was found dead in an alleyway beneath his third-floor office window in the 14th-century palazzo that served as the bank’s headquarters. Many point to the Loans, debts, and Targets as reasons for his action. But could that be all?

A devastating security video shows Rossi landing on the pavement on his back, facing the building —

‘Yes he killed himself. But there’s a question: Could it be suicide by volition or Suicide by coercion… There’s a couple suspicions I have.’

 – Val Broeksmit, on his stepfather’s suicide


In January 2014, the body of William Broeksmit, 58, a high-ranking Deutsche Bank executive, was found hanging in his London flat from a dog leash tied to the top of a door.

Financial papers were strewn about the room, and on a dog bed near the body were a number of notes to family and friends. One was addressed to Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain, with an apology. But that note offered no clue as to the reason he was sorry.

Broeksmit’s high-ranking colleague at Deutche was Michele Faissola, who arrived on the gruesome scene after Broeksmit’s wife told his stepson, Val Broeksmit, to phone him. He arrived minutes later, and began going through the bank papers and read the suicide notes.

The letters depicted a deeply troubled and dissatisfied soul.

The instances are so many but the bottom line is that the Banking proffesion as coveted as it is, needs to look at the far reaching effects of the mental status of their Staff. The vagaries of the job may be causing serious damage to the people who work in it.

Like Mr. Ibeakanma was a Relationship Manager was said to be a Relationship Manager, meaning he was in the retail department of things at UBA .. the place can be a Nightmare if you aren’t meeting up with expectations Target wise..and not a few have been thrown into a spiral from the treatment gotten from Bosses harsh dressing down (shredding) at group review sessions.

This sad case from Lagos has to be looked into with a view to further inquiry on the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Ibeakanma. Or else this may be one of more still to come

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