Who is Invictus Obi and what is his link to the FBI recent crackdown of Fraudsters in the US

The “Nigerian Dream” much like its American Progenitor is every young person’s fantasy. The thought of going from a life of Nothingness to one of splendor and wealth is one they’d give anything to see come true. In a country that offers nothing but Hopelessness, joblessness, Corruption at the center etc ..its almost unthinkable that Nigerian Youths aren’t grilling their grey matter every single day looking for a way to grab the Proverbial Nigerian Dream.

Obinwanne “invictus” Okeke at some point embodied all that is good about the Average Nigerian Youth. Young, charismatic,and brilliant he looked to have the world at his feet.

Born on November 9th, 1987, Obinwanne Okeke became an internationally celebrated Entrepreneur and CEO of Invictus Group. The firm’s business interests include Private Equity, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Construction, Real Estate, Energy solutions, and more. he referred to Invictus as an Entertainment company in 2012,

fbi invictus

okeke on the cover of Forbes Africa in 2016

But later its business portfolio suggests it has morphed since then. He is the 17th child of a Polygamous father who reportedly passed away when he was 16.

2016 became a year to remember for Okeke as fame came knocking after he appeared on the cover of Forbes Africa. That year he was featured on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list which profiles young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs under the age of 30. In 2018, he was featured on BBC’s “Focus on Africa” and described as an “inspiring” entrepreneur. Obinwanne was suddenly in the limelight and with that came invitations to speak at high level gatherings with other successful entrepreneurs examples are at London School of Economics Africa Summit, and he was nominated for “Young African Business Leader” at The AABLA Awards, & was a contributor for Forbes.

But suddenly as his profile rose, soon came trouble.

In June 2018, Unatrac Holding Limited, a company which deals in sales of heavy industrial and farm equipment, was said to have approached the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) over a breach in the email account of its chief financial officer where a fraudulent transfer of funds was done.

The intruder was said to have sent phishing emails containing a web link, purportedly to the login page of the CFO’s online email account hosted by Microsoft Office 365.

Believing the link to be genuine, the CFO was said to have imputed his username and password from where the intruder got full access to the account and sent a fraudulent wire transfer request to the company’s internal financial team.

Acting under the impression that the email emanated from the CFO, the finance staff processed approximately 15 payments between April 11 to 19, 2018, totalling $11 million.

After months of a forensic investigation into the phoney transaction and activities of the intruder, the FBI followed the suspect’s online trail which led them to social media accounts with username @invictusobi allegedly owned by Okeke.

The US federal agents were able to merge the intruder’s identity with the owner of the social media accounts.

When TheCable checked the accounts on Twitter and Instagram, they were no longer available, although there were mentions of the username on social media feeds.

On August 2, the FBI reportedly issued an arrest warrant for Okeke, who was said to be in the US at the time.

According to details of the arrest warrant, the FBI was alleged to have also connected Okeke to a series of other internet frauds.

Now just as recent as 23 August there was an announcement of an Almighty crack down of Internet Fraudsters, and other criminal advance fee/romantic crime perpetrators by the FBI leading close watchers to suggest Obinwanne aka Invictus Obi has started co-operating with Officials of the FBI to help them catch many of his cohorts in the criminal trade in order to get a reduced sentence. Of course this has not been confirmed but it is a reasonable line of thought.

so with the main face of  Entrepreneurial Youth now allegedly  revealed as no better than a common Yahoo boy, what does the future hold for other would be Obiwannes who looked up to him. Time will tell, but at this point the Nigerian Dream remains just that for the average youth who is living a nightmare in a country that holds it in nothing but disdain

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