Weeks after Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale dared Nigerian superstar Wizkid to come to his country, the starboy has announced via Social Media that he has indeed arrived in Ghana, declaring that “a guy man can’t guy a guy man;

In his own words; “Ghana Touchdown !! Guyman no fit Guy Guyman.. Deh yahh”
Recall Shatta Wale, during his one-sided social media beef with Wizkid posted a rant on Facebook, where he vowed to disrupt Wizkid’s show that was initially scheduled for December in Ghana, unless of course he tells his Nigerian fans to apologize to Ghanians and their president : see posts below
You will recall Shattawale began this rather unprovoked beef with Whizkid after there was a concert Featuring several Nigerian acts and the Celebrated Ghana Rapper Sarkordie. The alleged poor treatment Sakordie got whereby Countless Nigerian Musicians were allowed to break the shows pre-arranged order of appearance and upstage him was not taken Kindly by Shattawale who called The Nigerian Organizers Unprintable names for Humiliating his Fellow Country man. Sakordie was allegedly very Upset by his treatment with reports claiming he vowed never to honour any invitation to any Nigerian show again.
But now Now let’s see the outcome of Wizkid’s arrival in the Gold coast, and see if shatta was serious or issuing fake threats

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