The thing about haters is sometimes when they don’t have a reason to hate they are ready to manufacture a reason or reasons. Mnachester United won a football game instead of people to give us the credit they are saying we Played defensive or that the Goal was an error. Yes it came under circumstances 18-year-old Mile Svilar will want to Forget but a goal is a goal

We didn’t score the goal by virtue of our goal keeper.. or from a goal kick.. Listen if we win the remaining games of this season 1-0 to the end i won’t mind at all.

 Marcus Rashford attempts to go past the Benfica defence down left side

In other things less silly its our third win in three to put one foot in the next round of the Champions League.

The second half saw United show much more attacking intent but the winner and the way it came is what people wont let us hear word for…

Rashford had just tested Svilar with two in-swinging corners that almost found their way into the net.

The first the keeper punched clear and the second he scrambled back to tip over the bar.

It was as if Rashford could sense his fellow teen’s nervousness on the big night, so in the 64th minute he tested him again.

This time it was from a free kick that he sent in-swinging from wide out on the left.

Undoubtedly it was aiming for a glancing head of a team-mate but it bypassed everyone.

Svilar was backpedalling and while he caught it, he could not stop his own momentum and he took the ball with him beyond the goal-line.

Prior to goal-line technology it would have been difficult to give it, but the referee’s wrist band buzzed and the eye in the sky had given it.

Given the goalkeeper’s age there was only sympathy from the home crowd as they tried to encourage him straight afterwards. But hey its a man’s Job..he will learn from this. Meanwhile we will take it thanks very Much..


So its on to the weekend. Haters need to have a seat



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  1. Jeriano says

    Exactly they won’t let us rest, is it not better than Chelsea that were 2-0 up then later drew… No matter the way the goal came, it a goal…. See as the keeper entered with the ball, it is suppose to be 2-0 self, since keeper and ball enter net.. But it was like the players were tired.. Anyways Huddlesfield go hear ham on Saturday #GGMU

    1. admin says

      exactly…lol..i love your 2-0 analogy Man plus ball = 2

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