Its not common that the passing away of a person literally brings the World to a standstill. Not since the death of Mandela, Micheal Jackson or Mohammed Ali has the world been united in Grief like it has been since the Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant died in Helicopter Crash in January 26th 2020 along with seven others in Calabasas, California on that fateful sunday.

The Famous Quote by Ralph Waldo says “Its not the Length of Life that Matters its the Depth” Kobe Bryant was just 41..Recently retired after 20 Illustrious Years that has entrenched him in the anals of Legends in the NBA. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Shook the World with his dazzling array of Skills. A fierce Competitor Kobe didn’t know when he was beaten and would continue to push an opponent to the limit of his sanity.


KOBE at a recent Basketball game.


Teammates and Rivals in equal measure stood in awe of the sheer Hunger, will power and drive  he applied to everything he brought to the Basketball court. And it was as a result of this application he rose from being a 17 year old kid entering a Man’s game in 1996 to a Global icon at age 41. Career-wise he was peerless racking up 2 Olympic Gold medals, 7 NBA finals appearances and the all time stats figures below playing as a shooting gaurd at 6ft 6inch


Points 33,643 (25.0 ppg)
Rebounds 7,047 (5.2 rpg)
Assists 6,306 (4.7 apg)


Nicknamed the Mamba, after the Famous snake that is considered the Fastest and Deadliest in Africa. Few people can say they know how this Nickname came about but most guess that Kobe gave himself this name to depict his character.

His early life was spent in Europe as his Professional Basketball Dad toured that continent playing for Different clubs. Young Kobe lived in Italy from age 6 to 11 learning to speak fluent Italian and Mastering Cultures of other Countries that would come in useful in life later. Living in Reiti Italy made Young Kobe fall in love with AC Milan a love that continued till he died.


kobe jersery everywhere

Seats at the staples centre draped in Kobe’s retired Jersey 24 to commemorate his passing


A father of 4 daugthers from his wife since 2001 Vanessa Bryant, Kobe was described as the Perfect Family Man and Father. Loving, Doting, and always spending time at home. He had shown intense desire to see his 13 year old Gianna “gigi” attain her full potential in the sport of basketball just like him and devoted a huge chunk of his life to that cause.

Sadly she passed away along with him in the crash as they headed for a basketball game that fateful Sunday morning.

This feels like an Article that can go on and on without end, Words seem scarcely enough to do justice to Kobe Bryant and what he meant to so many people.

But in conclusion i would leave it to this quote by this Quote

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