TOP 39 exercises that are Guranteed FAT BURNERS

Piling on the weight as you age is normal, however letting it continue to the point where it disfigures you and starts to progress to Obesity is not only bad for your image but has far reaching Health repercussions.

Scientists have ranked nearly 40 exercises in order of calories burned.

Running and skipping are the most effective ways to get active with both burning at least 861, and up to 1,074, calories after just one hour of activity, research reveals. And skipping ropes cost next to Nothing and can be used anywhere (So No more excuses)

Although popular for its calming properties, yoga causes a maximum loss of just 228 calories after an hour workout, the study found.

Kayaking, weightlifting and light swimming burn between 400 and 500 calories every 60 minutes, the research adds.

The NHS recommends people do 150 minutes of moderate activity every week, as well as muscle-strengthening exercises.

Running is one of the most effective ways to shed pounds,  burning  up to 1,074 calories an hour

How the research was carried out


Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota ranked 39 common exercises based on information obtained from the US National Institutes of Health.

The scientists calculated the number of calories burned if a typically obese or overweight person did such activities for one hour.

Results do not take into account the participant’s age, sex or speed of movement.


Key findings 


The results reveal running at a rate of 8mph and skipping burn at least 861, and up to 1,074, calories for every hour of activity.

Yoga appears to be the worst exercise for weight loss, causing a maximum loss of just 228 calories after a 60 minute workout.

Slow walking, bowling and ballroom dancing also fail to make people lean, burning a maximum of 255, 273 and 273 calories an hour, respectively.

In the middle of the list, kayaking, weightlifting and light swimming burn between 400 and 500 calories every 60 minutes.

SO without further a do.. Here they are the top 39 exercises with the number of calories they burn per Hour. (so what are you waiting for make your pick and get active)


1)  Running and skipping – 861-1,074.

3) Football and taekwondo – 752-937.

5) Vigorous swimming – 715-892.

6) Running up stairs – 657-819.

7) Running (5mph) – 606-755.

8) Tennis, climbing, flag football and basketball – 584-728.

12) Rollerblading – 548-683.

13) High-impact aerobics – 533-664.

14) Racquetball, ice skating and backpacking – 511-637.

17) Slow skiing (2.5mph) – 496-619.

18) Water skiing, rowing on a machine and hiking – 438-546.

21) Light swimming – 423-528.

22) Water aerobics – 402-501.

23) Baseball, kayaking, weightlifting, jogging on a treadmill and low-impact aerobics 365-455.

28) A brisk walk (3.5mph), downhill skiing and playing golf – 314-391.

31) Power yoga, volleyball and easy cycling (less than 10mph) – 292-364.

34) Canoeing – 256-319.

35) Tai chi, bowling and ballroom dancing – 219-273.

38) Slow walking – 204-255.

39) Hatha yoga – 183-228.

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