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All football fans like to take a dig at Rivals. Social Media (esp Twitter) can become a battle ground of sorts as Premiership club fans go at each other for Bragging rights. Some of the exchanges can get pretty heated and is certainly not for the faint hearted. So we asked the question, who is the most hated Premiership club out there? and the result came from the heart of London. Chelsea topped the list of the most hated Premier League clubs, ahead of Manchester United and Liverpool.

In a survey conducted by THE MIRROR, they asked fans which clubs they love and hate in the current standings and it was a close affair, with the Blues just edging ahead of the Red Devils for Hate-ability.

From Roman Abramovich pumping billions into the club since his takeover in 2003, sections of support being accused of racism, players and managers  like Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho who play the part of pantomime villain in the past, But of course this hate is also down to good old-fashioned jealousy of their success, Chelsea topped the poll with 68.1% of the vote.

The results were largely made up of the ‘Big Six’ teams, with one exception – West Ham made the top five at the expense of Manchester City.

Liverpool finished third with 52.8% of the vote, while West Ham (47.6%), Arsenal (46.2%) and Tottenham (43.5%) made up the top six. City were seventh with 38.7%. Manchester United is hated because their fans were known to be haughty and arrogant by nature. At a point in time they were the dominant force in England and Sir Alex was a juggernaut crushing all in his path so the fans had bags of bragging right and rubbed it in the faces of rivals. Wayne Rooney in his Youthful days was a spikey character that pissed off a lot of fans and also contributed to the hate Man U received as he was a  top player in their Ranks.

Arsenal can be said to not have elicited much hate recently as they simply weren’t relevant in the last few years from a competitive position, Rival clubs more or less swatted them aside and sine they won nothing for Many years they had zero Bragging rights. Arsene Wenger the manager was a likeable Man with no Aggression or overtly obnoxious character that could rub off on the Club, But fans hated their Style of football which centered on hogging the ball and Keeping Possession and not doing anything with it. Arsenal fans also had a knack for Defending Mediocrity and Arguing with more Successful teams and this made The top clubs hate them.

The Variables over this subject are limitless, but one thing is for sure, Neutrals may like one club for one thing and hate it for another. Even the most die hard fans have something they dislike about their Clubs but as far the Result goes here are your most hated Premiership clubs:

  1. Chelsea – 68.7%
  2. Man Utd – 68.1%
  3. Liverpool – 52.8%
  4. West Ham – 47.6%
  5. Arsenal – 46.2%
  6. Tottenham – 43.5%
  7. Man City – 38.7%
  8. Cardiff – 36.5%
  9. Crystal Palace – 29.7%
  10. Everton – 27.0%
  11. Watford – 24.0%
  12. Newcastle – 23.5%
  13. Wolves – 20.1%
  14. Leicester – 18.9%
  15. Southampton – 16.3%
  16. Brighton – 16.2%
  17. Fulham – 15.0%
  18. Burnley – 13.3%
  19. Bournemouth – 10.2%
  20. Huddersfield – 9.7%

The report also revealed the clubs people love, and it was Burnley who came out on top.

An average of 35.8% of fans said they loved the Clarets who were followed by Bournemouth (32.9%), Huddersfield (30.2%), Manchester City (28.3%), Newcastle (27.1%) and Fulham (also 27.1%).

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