Who doesn’t like a cold shower on a blazing Hot day like the ones we have been having these past few days.

But do you know there are microbes hiding in the pipes, waiting to join your Bathing session.

That might be a little creepy or a little gross, but its true especially in your showerhead.

A team of scientists conducted a large study of showerheads to-date, during which they surveyed bathrooms in search of the cleanest – and dirtiest – water we bathe in.

They are interested in the bacteria that live in all water systems and stick to our showerheads.

It turns out that the harder we try to cleanse our water supplies of microbes, the more of the nastiest kinds we wind up having in our showerheads.

Alongside other microscopic creatures like single-celled protazoa and, in some places, tiny crustaceouns, a group of microorganisms called nontuberculous myobacteria (NTB) are inevitable in water.

NTB aren’t meant to live in human bodies, but they sometimes make their way from the water source into our bodies.

They can be dangerous to people with weakened immune systems, though they are rarely harmful to healthy adults.

If you unscrew your showerhead, inside the pipe that feeds it, ‘you’re always going to see some real disgusting stuff on the pipe itself,’

That  stuff ‘ is what scientists call biofilm, excretions that water-dwelling microorganisms use to keep themselves planted firmly in their preferred habitats.

‘But when the pressure is high enough, these species are let loose into the fine aerosol spray of water droplets pelting our hair and bodies and splashing up and into our noses and mouths.’

Essentially, the chlorine in treated water kills off lots of less tolerant microorganisms – harmful or not.

But the tolerant ones, which tend to become the most potent and hard-to-beat bacteria, can tough out the chlorine and beat other life forms that might compete with them.

so what is the Moral of the Story, Ensure you clean the Gunk from your Showerhead as regularly as possible. Or change to the more old school Bucket and soap dish method

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