TERROR: Gunman embarks on Killing spree in New Zealand Mosque. 49 feared Dead.

Another Hate crime has brought the world to its knees in shock as New Zealanders struggle to come to grips with a mass killing – horrifically live-streamed on social media as worshippers in a local mosque were gunned down during Friday worship.

The shooter – suspected to be 28 year old old Australian Brenton Tarrant  – had published a chilling 74-page manifesto online saying he was inspired by Norwegian Mass murderer Anders Breivik who Killed scores in Oslo 2011 .

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared it one of the country’s “darkest days”, while many of the injured remain in critical state,amid fears the enormous death toll could rise even higher.

Four people are now in custody. One has been charged with murder, and it remains unknown what, if any, role the other three played.

New Zealand Mosque Shooting

Victim of the shooting


Those who survived the horrific massacres have today revealed how they prayed for the gunman to run out of bullets – while one witnessed a friend heroically try to stop the shooter who killed 49 and injured 4

The shooter wrote of taking revenge for the “thousands of European lives lost to terror attacks”, adding: “I have read the writings of Dylan Roof and many others, but only really took true inspiration from Knight Justiciar Breivik.”

The cruelty of the attack has also been compounded by the white-supremacist gunman filming his rampage on a GoPro camera and streaming it live on Facebook.

Harrowing video showed him driving to a mosque, arming himself and then beginning the slaughter after shouting “Lets get this party started”nz victim2Emergency services in reesponse


One woman told of her friend’s young daughter being shot through the heart while others described the “blood-curdling screams” of those fleeing in panic.

Ramzan Ali who was inside the Al Noor mosque – the scene of the deadliest shooting in New Zealand told CNN he saw the man next to him get shot in the chest.


He said: “I was thinking that he must run out of bullets. I waited for that and prayed ‘Oh God, please let this man run out of bullets’.

Authorities say 41 people were killed at Masjid Al Noor Mosque, and another seven at Linwood’s Masjid Mosque in Christchurch at around 1.40pm local time. One more died in hospital.

One man, a 28-year-old, has been charged with murder and will appear in court tomorrow.

Police confirmed two other people had been apprehended, with authorities “working to understand what their involvement is”, Commissioner Bush said.

The fourth person is believed to have been armed at the scene, but it is not clear if they were involved in the attack. They remain in custody.

New Zealand and Australian authorities have both confirmed the suspects had not been on agency watch lists. More Information is expected in due course.

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