Covid 19 like a horror movie with no predictable end rages on leaving death and despair in its wake.

Panic is every where. no one is ready to test their bodies against this Evil. but there’s hope. We’ve

been reading stories of survivors

and here’s the information has managed to glean, from their shared experiences, so far:

1) It’s pretty easy to contract the virus. No one is immune to it though some folks could be carriers for a long period before falling ill while some break down almost immediately. So social distancing is best as a seemingly healthy person could, in fact, be an unsuspecting carrier.
2) Avoid the elderly. You do not know, for sure, if you’ve been infected or not. However, the elderly have, unfortunately, made up a huge percentage of Covid-19 fatalities so try, really try to protect them. Ensure that they do not contract the disease.
3) Paracetamol has proven to be useful, according to many patients, in helping to deal with the pain. Avoid using ibrufen, for now, since you can’t tell for sure the nature of any illness you may have.
4) Zinc, Vitamin C, and other vitamins have been said to have been helpful in dealing with the crisis. Have them at home and administer to children and the elderly; to everyone really.
5) There have been claims of garlic and ginger being of great help. Lemon too. However, if you have no access to lemon and line – particularly due to the current hike in the prices of both – Vitamin C could help as well.
6) Rest as much as you can and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is said to be of great help.
7) Eat well. A good diet helps in fighting the disease, and will be of great benefit if you come down with the disease and have no appetite. You don’t want to be hungry and weak, thereby succumbing more easily to Covid-19.
8) It’s family time! Now is the time to bond even more with the ones you love. One good thing about all of this is that people will spend more time with their loved ones and, hopefully, increase their love for one another.
9) Staying at home really helps – not only in protecting yourself and those around you, but also in ensuring that the disease does not continue to spread.
If staying at home leads to nastiness, such as domestic violence, you could call the police for help. There have been several such reports, around the world, with some having confirmed fatalities.
10) Pray and stay positive. Even science proves that being spiritual helps deal with illnesses. Have a positive outlook and be determined to live. Completely avoid negative thinking; focus your thoughts, instead, on your aspirations, as well as your loved ones, and fight as hard as you can to overcome the disease.
Don’t give up – please.

It’s imperative to note that these suggestions were gathered from information shared by Covid-19 survivors and are not, by any means, expected to substitute for hospital treatment so, please, contact your local health authority if you experience any symptoms of the virus.

We cannot wish it away..only the informed will be able to be proactive& prevent themselves from succumbing to this deadly virus.

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