Supermarket Manager caught on Camera having sex with Worker

A Tesco Super Market Manager was caught on camera by two young lads, who live near the store having hot sex in the office, They saw “something going on” and filmed on their mobile phones as the woman climbs on the desk.

It’s understood to have happened at a Tesco shop in East Anglia on Wednesday evening.

The lads can be hard laughing and joking while they film through the window while the male employee performs a sex act on his female colleague.

One says: “This is at Tesco’s, look what’s going on.”

Later they can be heard saying: “She likes that. She’s going for a pay rise. F****** hell.”

The video spread quickly after it was shared on whatsapp

Neville Fox 35, Manager caught sexing staff


A source said: “Two youngsters saw something was going on inside the offices and decided to have a look.

“They reacted as you’d expect teenagers to after seeing something like that.

Another source said: “I was sent the video on a WhatsApp group and couldn’t believe it when I opened it up.

“It’s not a very classy thing to do at your place of work is it?

“Although it’s fair to say the young lady looked like she was having a whale of a time.

“She’ll no doubt be regretting it now they’ve been caught out.”

The video spread quickly after it was shared on WhatsApp.

Tesco said it was investigating.

A source said the pair have now “left” the firm.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are taking this issue very seriously and have launched an immediate investigation.

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