Simple mistakes couples make in the bedroom and how to fix them

There are certain mistakes couples make over and over again – and most are easily fixed once you have a better understanding of what the other sex is really all about. But then the issues of daily life amongst others contribute to them not being addressed

Most times When a couple first get together, it’s fireworks in the bedroom. But over time, ignorance of what the other is feeling can cost your sex life dearly. Here, I tell you the top 3 things men and women fail to grasp about each other.

SHE/HE MUST FEEL DESIRED: Most women and men like to feel craved – and there is no way really good sex is going to happen without that.

Many women say the biggest turn-on is to feel Sexually Irresistable, The more you want her, the more irresistible she feels. Most women love the idea of being chased.

But it’s not so easy to arrange a chase when you have lived with someone for a long time is it?

That is why often a woman will have perfectly good sex with her husband then lie in bed afterwards wondering what it would be like to be with someone else – someone who can’t stop thinking about her and will pursue her.

KISSING REALLY MATTERS: You may have been together 20 years, but the way you kiss still matters.

A man rarely complains about the way his partner kisses.

But women tend to talk about this a lot. Oh Too hard. Too soft. Too wet. Not wet enough. UToo much tongue. Not enough tongue. For her, a kiss should be just right.

Then there is dental hygiene, breath and whether a partner seems to be really paying attention to such things.when they are in a long-term relationship. They really should.

KIND ACTS INCREASE LUST: Your desire for her may start when you are getting ready for bed and she takes off her top.

Hers may have begun to grow much earlier in the day, when you did something that reminded her why she chose you.

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