BOXING can be a crazy sport. You can get caught up in the Hype of a fighter who looks invincible because he wins majority of his fights. But the day of reckoning comes and he is brought face to face with a Fighter who everyone expects him to destroy but what happens is the Fancied boxer gets destroyed. It has happened to previous champions  like Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and now Anthony Joshua.

The British Heavyweight fighter was the overwhelming favorite to smash the Porky looking Mexican challenger and retain his belts but Joshua Got more than he bargained for as the Mexican delivered a brilliant show of Boxing prowess to stun the world.


The previously unbeaten world heavyweight champion lost his IBF, WBA and WBO titles and suffered a major and unforeseen setback in his plan to dominate a division that includes Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Joshua’s reign began to unravel in a terrible third round.


chocolate ruizzz

Joshua goes down after being hit by a right in round 3

He looked in full control when he floored Ruiz Jr with a left hook. But, in trying to finish the fight, Joshua was caught cold by Ruiz Jr and sent to the canvas for the first time since his classic fight against Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley.

Joshua stood up but was on wobbly legs and Ruiz Jr pounced, sending him tumbling down again. Joshua clambered back up and needed to be saved by the bell for the end of the round.

He never truly recovered and Ruiz Jr stung him with a body shot in the sixth with Joshua still not looking like himself.


choco cho cho hjoshua

joshua looking stunned in round 7.


The Mexican-American challenger let his hands go in the seventh round and an overhand right had Joshua crashing down for a third time. It looked like a lost cause at this point but Joshua stood up again, only to hit the canvas for a fourth time with his gum-shield out, unable to hold himself up any longer. Joshua continued to look a shadow of himself as the hungrier Ruiz pounced like a ravenous Hyena pulverizing him with punches

The shock harks back to Mike Tyson’s infamous loss to the unfancied Buster Douglas in 1990, or Lennox Lewis’ defeats to Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman.

chocolate ruiz

Chocoloate lovingt Ruiz jnr is now the new IBF, IBO, WBA champion


Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn immediately signalled their intention to rematch Ruiz Jr later this year.  Joshua now however will go back and take stock of how he lost this fight. Because when he looks at it, he really fought badly and deserved to lose.

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