If you have ever fantasized doing the “DO” outside the privacy of your home, well i have got news for you-You aren’t Alone.

A survey has finally got to the bottom of why we’re all so obsessed with the idea of having sex outside.
MORE and more people are taking their relationships outdoors, where public sex is on the agenda for a surprising number of adventurous couples.

Superdrug’s Online Doctor conducted a survey of 2,000 people to get to the bottom of why we’re all so obsessed with the idea of having sex outside. And it emerged that nearly one fifth of us have had sex in a public park, making parks the most popular spot for a risky outdoor hook-up.

The beach also proved to be a popular, if sandy, venue for a rendezvous, with 13% of people surveyed admitting to getting their rocks off by the sea.

And dirty couples have also been making good use of public bathrooms, where just under one in ten people admitted to having sex.


THE PARK : Careful when you take your kids here. You might get akward questions like “Mummy why is that car bouncing up and down like that”

THE BEACH :Waves and Sunshine tend to bring out the worst in couples these they take sunbathing to new levels

PUBLIC RESTTOOM : The “white house” seems to get the blood of horny couples racing as no sooner is the coast clear they lay into each other

CAR PARK: Most car parks are serene and Quiet with no-one in sight. Rows and Rows of parked Cars provide the ideal cover for crazy couples to do a quick-one.

THE OFFICE: One of the most underrated locations. One where people ought to be at their most serious but has now been revealed as the horniest place on earth! Look out for colleagues that come out of a room or store looking suspicious and sweating like they had just raced Usain Bolt.

In a dressing room : Taking off your clothes for any reason with a loved one near by tends to bring naughty thoughts to the fore. And frisky couples need no invitation or motivation to screw.

EMPTY CLASSROOM: If your highschool was mixed gender, this one won’t come as a surprise. With no other conceivable location to release the Tension brewing up between lovebirds after school. That rundown classroom abandoned for no reason (which almost every school seems to have) becomes the perfect haven.

THE MOVIES: For some reason this is gradually becoming the number one place to catch horny couples.Next time you’re at the movies Look out for those giggling ones uptop (at the highest seating position) angled conveniently by the wall..

ELEVATOR: Enclosed space (yes) Privacy (yes) Mirrors (yes) thrill (yes) Then whats else is left to say?

AN ALLEYWAY : Sometimes why wait to get home? The street around the corner has a superbly hidden alleyway. So they can do like Bruce and Penelope in that movie (cant remember the name) ..

Churches and classrooms (yes churches)were surprising sites on the list of public sex locations, although they trailed behind work places, where 7% of people have had an amorous encounter.

However, people proved to be especially keen on the classic fantasy of getting to it in public, with beaches and parks topping the list of sexual fantasies for both men and women.

But men proved to be keener on the idea of public sex overall 57%, with over half of men saying they are turned on by the thought of having sex in public.

Among women, this figure is slightly lower, at 43%.

Scientists estimate that this gender difference can be explained by the fact that men are generally keener on riskier sexual behaviour, with fellas desperate to live up to expectations about masculinity.

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