Sarri ball ko, Garri ball ni…Make una come carry this Elder go back him Village o..

Make no body tell me any thing, i fit vex slap you..

im officially declaring a vote of no confidence on Pa Maurizio Sarri..enough is enough.

make him con dey go…He is not the man to take us any where.

wetin dey worry this coach na, why is he so stubborn.. pls don’t  tell me he did this or that in Napoli..Conte no from the same Italy come here con destroy the whole EPL?

Yes, the Players cannot be spared, I will come to them in a minute..But walahi this Sarri man is starting to make me mad..

Oga Sarri why is your team so inconsistent. Today una go kpokpo Mancity , Tommorrow Bournemouth go bulala una..? Now see we don drop out of Top 4..

Abeg This system is not Just working!!!

Bournemouth don been lose 10 consecutive league fixtures against big boys since last year. But instead of us to do what the big boys do ..we chop am again just like we did last year..wey dem hammer us 3-0!

sarri baba

Sarri looking Confused


As in, you need to see how they slaughtered Chelsea last night, Josh King got two and David Brooks and Charlie Daniels got one apiece. And you know the worst part, e suppose be more than that sef.

see ehn, Jorghino cannot be the scape goat everytime, he doesnt pick himself for the games. Its up to the Manager to see that if something is not working Try something else.


Shey dem say Arsenal beat us because we no been get striker, Higuain don enter wetin happen? Sarri Ball worked against Mancity i gree. But e just be like say when things aren’t going to perfection, the whole team looks very vulnerable, with players looking stranded upfield and only a thin midfield line and defence to save them when the attack from the opponents come.


 Once chelsea Lose ball forget am, na goal.  We don Lose 5 league games and its only February. 3 straight losses in away games in all competitions and no goals in that run.Haba..

Reports say after the match, Sarri pursue him personal staff out of the dressing room so him fit dey alone with the player…Then one-by one he use mouth finish dem for almost 1 hour.

sarrri bourne

Bournemouth players celebrate


when reporters asked him what he told his boys he said:

‘In that moment I wanted to talk with them alone, without anybody else,’ he said. ‘I needed to understand. It’s impossible to play in such a different way between the first and second half. I don’t understand why.

‘I want to respect Bournemouth, and you know I like very much the coach Eddie Howe, but it’s impossible to lose 4-0 here.

‘Maybe it’s my fault, maybe I’m not able to motivate them. But the team is very strong, it is also able to win without the coach.’

Una dey hear am, that he doesn’t think he can Motivate the players,

Abrahammovich what else do you need to hear sir?

Make we look some STATS..chelsea had 70% possesion ,,70!

Chelsea ran 69.9 miles ..Four miles fewer than Bournemouth who ran 73.9(this one show u which team worked harder).


summary: not good enough abeg.


Now to the Players. Me i personally believe there are too many Average and Under performing players in this squad. Last night dem con really decide to show demselves pass anything. Chelsea na one of those clubs wey fit play with out manager and still Win, so me i no understand why the senior players in this team no take charge of matters when e con dey be like say Kasala wan bust.. People Like Luiz, Pedro, Hazard..una just dey there open yansh collect 4 against Bournemouth ? una suppose dey ashamed of una sef. rubbish.

Emerson and Kovacic 2 of una need cane i swear, una just gree Ryan Fraser for that first goal to run freely in Midfield  pass to anoda person ..who con square am give Josh king to score. And that is my problem with this Team, the Midfield set up is not right and instead of My elder to work on it ..he dey carpet players with blame…well very soon his days will be numbered.


All of una wey wear Chelsea Jersey last night please line up one by one…

Oga sarri comot your tracksuit ..5 strokes for being a Stubborn

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