Ronaldinho the man who wants to marry 2 women at the same time

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho and his “fiancées,” Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza.

The three, who have been living “harmoniously” in the soccer star’s Rio de Janeiro mansion since December, plan to tie the knot this summer in one ceremony, according to Brazil’s O Dia newspaper. Ronaldinho reportedly started dating Coelho a few years before he began seeing Souza in 2016.

The women reportedly receive an “allowance” from Ronaldinho of about $2,000, and he always gives them the exact same presents, including matching perfumes. Ronaldinho has never publicly confirmed his relationships with his fianceés, but he travels with them to almost every event he attends, O Dia says.

For the record, polygamy is illegal in Brazil. However, there is a precedent: Three people entered into a civil union in 2012 in Brazil that was approved (The rationale was that the three people don’t have any privileges of marriage — they just share an address and bank account.)

Polygamy is also illegal in the United States, Mae Kuykendall, a professor of law at Michigan State University, tells Lifestyle Magazine. “No American state validates marriages entered into by more than two people,” she says. Utah tried to criminalize polygamous arrangements, but a federal court ruled the law unconstitutional because it applied to voluntary living arrangements, she points out. “Nonetheless, states in the past have had criminal statutes directed at officially authorized marriages between two people of the same sex,” she says.

The retired Brazilian former World Footballer of the year ,Ronaldinho and his two fiancées reportedly plan to get married in August. On being asked on the rationale to marry both, he said he just couldn’t break the heart of the other if he settled for one as Both Love him so much as he does them too. He said good women are hard to find and in Priscilla and Beatriz he has every quality he wants.

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