GHANAIAN footballers are ruining their potential with too much sex, according to the country’s ex-national boss.

Malik Jabir claims Ghana Premier League players cannot resist the nation’s “beautiful young girls” – and so they miss out on vital sleep and training.

The ex-Asante Kotoko striker, now the club’s technical director, told Kumasi city radio station Ultimate FM: “A lot of today’s players cannot play 90 minutes because they get so tired easily.

“And you know why? Because they don’t sleep enough and don’t train enough and they engage in too much sex.

“There are beautiful young girls in Ghana and they won’t leave them alone.”

There was no link between the claim of the respected coach and the recent inability of the National team the Black Stars to win their First game of the world cup Qualifiers last weekend against Uganda. But sources do claim that the well paid professionals of the Ghanaian team do have beautiful ladies flock around them a lot.

Scientists have found little evidence to show that sex itself – even in the immediate hours before an event – makes athletes tired or affects them physiologically in other ways.

But sex and looking for it might affect the amount of sleep or rest sports-men and women get, physically or mentally.

And some researchers speculate that it might impede achievement for psychological reasons, perhaps by reducing motivation, alertness or commitment.

The late Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest boxer ever, reportedly abstained for six weeks before fights.

And at the 2014 World Cup it is thought Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile and Mexico banned their players from sex. also claimed at the time: “The rules are complicated on these teams:

France (you can have sex but not all night),

Brazil (you can have sex, but not ‘acrobatic’ sex),

Costa Rica (can’t have sex until the second round),

Nigeria (can sleep with wives but not girlfriends).”

The Quartz news website said Belgium too had “complicated” guidelines, while England were among nine competing nations with no ban.

“Does Sex the Night Before Competition Decrease Performance?” – an article in the The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine – pointed out that sex typically only uses up about 25-50 calories.

Its authors said: The long-standing myth that athletes should practice abstinence before important competitions may stem from the theory that sexual frustration leads to increased aggression, and that the act of ejaculation draws testosterone from the body.”

England exited the 2014 World Cup in Brazil at he group stages – and never used sex as an excuse

The writers felt more research was “clearly needed” on any links between sex and athletic performance.

Time of day and the type and length of sex could be investigated, as well as other things athletes do in the build-up to competition.

Researchers might also look to see if or how heart rate and blood pressure are affected by different types of sexual partner, such as sex with someone new or within a long-term relationship.

Sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzel told “We don’t have scientific evidence but if players think abstaining from sex helps them, it may give them a psychological edge.”

And it is possible sex or flirting could put some athletes off their main sporting goals.
Golden girl Jamie Anderson admits she was distracted for a while by using Tinder

American snowboarder Jamie Anderson claimed her Winter Olympics bid in Sochi two years ago was briefly unhinged by the Tinder dating app – before she got back on track to win gold.

She told Us Weekly: “Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level. It’s all athletes! In the mountain village it’s all athletes. It’s hilarious. There are some cuties on there.”

“There was a point where I had to be like OK, this is way too distracting. I deleted my account to focus on the Olympics.”

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