The World’s eyes were on him. He was handed his 2018 Australian Open trophy as has been done many times in his Illustrious career. Marian Cilic his defeated opponent had given his own Vote of thanks and had been handed his runners-up Tray. Then came the turn of Roger Federer to speak, he stepped forward with his trademark smile microphone in his face, Trophy in his hand. In the course of his speech , Punctuated by applause of the adoring Melbourne crowd his voice began to quake, It smacked of an emotion laden feeling of achievement and Fulfillment and then when he couldn’t fight it anymore the tears went full faucet.


It was the 20th Grand Slam title of his career, and a record-equalling sixth Australian Open

Roger Federer 2018 Australian Open Champion


 It wasn’t any of that macho man-like cry..It was full, i mean Roger wept like a child. The sight was sobering for his horde of fans world wide. Many cried with him others dabbed their eyes at the sight of this living legend overwhelmed by an occasion he ordinarily should be accustomed to.

Speaking to SwizzTennis he said  ” I really wish i didn’t do that (Laughs)  i couldn’t explain the feeling, i was a shy kid 20 years ago who just wanted to make a living out of Tennis, i was never going to win Mr Popular in High school let alone one day being this person that just seems to be so loved by everyone, it gets me emotional and makes me feel humbled.”

“Iv played against so many greats in the game and some believe it or not work harder than i do, but i guess some things you feel are just written in the stars”

“You always have self-doubt in anything you do, you fear if one day you may stop being good enough or worse still if nobody would care.”

“The love of the fans keeps me grounded, helps me stay motivated and gives me a reason to want to continue doing this.. i promise i won’t cry again” (Laughs)

Australian Tennis Great Rod Laver says of Federer:

It’s just unusual to see a wonderful champion like that be able to win at age 36 after seven tough matches,’ You just marvel at his tenacity and his floating ability on the court.

‘He just seems like he’s floating all around the court — he’s not running. That’s something else.

‘He’s stood the test of time — that’s probably the one thing that puts you in that category of the best ever. That’s one of the things that he has done. He loves the game, and everything he does around his life is somewhere related to all the great achievements.’


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