Polar Bear breaks into Hotel and helps himself to Wine and chocolates

A POLAR bear makes his getaway after Unbelievably breaking into a remote hotel store room and feasting on dark chocolate and several bottles of wine

Worker Malin Stark found the burglar munching on supplies when she spotted giant paw prints on a busted garage door.

She rang cops as the bear got stuck fleeing via a small window. But their helicopter startled the intruder, which fled on Spitsbergen island, north of Norway.

Malin said: “I was annoyed as we’d just replaced the door after another bear raid.”

Cops at the scene were bemused to see several empty bottles of wine opened by the top half of the bottle broken clean off by the bear’s brute strength.


Bear drank several bottles of fine alcoholic wine



The Bear must have been in the store room for at last 4 hours from 4am to 8am when he w,as spotted making his escape.


Animal experts are surprised at the Bear’s choice of diet as they are known to be lovers of Fish and other small animals.


Malin stark says the estimated cost of Damage is put at $4,200. And is so painful because the bear left a severe amount of Dung for her to clean up also.


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