over 500 people cram themselves in a floating island in Kenya..Unbelievable sight

THIS is one island where you don’t have a choice, you will need to get on with your neighbours.

Migingo islandis, on the border of Uganda and Kenya, is packed with tiny huts, four bars, a hair salon and several brothels.

The fishing community is so heavily packed that homes overlap on the rocky outcrop.

More than 500 people live on the island, which is barely 2,000-square-metres.

kenyan island1

The East African nations are even in conflict over who owns the land – dubbed “Africa’s smallest war”.

Migingo – which is less than half the size of a standard football pitch –  sits in Lake Victoria, the continent’s largest lake.

At day, fishermen cast their nets to land Nile perch.

By night prostitutes from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda arrive, and the workers drink at makeshift bars.

Ugandans and Kenyans now share the space after tensions threatened to escalate.

But fishermen from either nation refuse to mix with the other, and won’t go with their women.


kenyan island 3

Pictures has caught stunning images revealing what life is like on the tiny island.

One picture shows villagers navigating tiny alleyways between corrugated iron homes.

Nothing has yet been said of the health hazards of the dwelling in such a crowded abode, but experts say if ever an epidemic broke out everyone will be infected in a matter of hours

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