Exercising over the age of 40 sounds like a nightmare to some, but one man says it’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Survivor Australia runner-up and retired cricketer Lee Carseldine, 41, has said that a healthy lifestyle is still achievable for people over 40.

‘A healthy lifestyle actually isn’t very hard to organise. People over 40 don’t need to exercise more, they just need to exercise more smartly,’ Lee said.

Although taking your children to the gym is not recommended, it is important that they engage in physical activity as well.

‘We all know that kids imitate their parents and there is no better example to set them than seeing you exercise,’ Lee said.

Take them to the park with you while you go for a walk, or work out on their play equipment while they play.

Working your core is also crucial to keep flexibility and posture, something that will help in later life.

While some of us are scared to venture into the weights section at the gym, Lee said strengthening your body can help reduce unnecessary damage.

‘Weight training can help build bone density, helping with balance and this will lead to a reduction in the possibility of unnecessary falls at an older age,’ Lee explained.

Your 40s don’t mean the end to exercise and ‘exercise and lifestyle changes shouldn’t be a daunting task’.

‘It’s never too late to start new routines and you’ll be surprised how much fun exercise can actually become,’ Lee said.

Also simple tasks like avoiding the lifts at the office and using the staircase are very much overlooked aspects of daily exercise that can aid your workout.

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