No Sympathy for Fifa over Maradona Embarrassments

One of the more ridiculous aspects of an otherwise brilliant World cup has been the drama that has ensued between FIFA & its Basket-case of an alliance with Controversial Argentine football Legend Diego Maradona. Maradona an individual that can be at best described as eccentric and at worst Insane, has been going from one atrocious behavior to another to the utter Embarrassment of  FIFA who, if you don’t already know pay him 10,000 Gbp to watch games LIVE in the stadium.

First it was his double Middle finger gesture at fans during the Argentina vs Nigeria game that saw his country Qualify by hairs breath for the Round of 16. He tried to defend the Obscene Gesture as being a mere spontaneous response in the Heat of the moment to Opposing fans who had been taunting him throughout the game. Apparently not done, he was seen celebrating wildly high up on the edge of the VIP Pew where an associate of his had to hold on to him for fear of him tumbling over the railings and falling to an almost certain death. All this was happening, while being beamed on live Television to billions of watchers the world over. But he didn’t stop there.In a Bizarre act of Insensitivity, an Asian Fan had approached him for an Autograph, only for the 57 year old to make a truly unfortunate Racial Gesture by pulling across his eyelids with his fingers in front of the fan who was distraught by the act. He got reprimanded by FIFA over this but he released a statement that the matter was being blown out of proportion to make him  look bad.

Now he has been embroiled in fresh controversy following the England vs Colombia game which England won.

Maradona believes Colombia were victims of a “monumental theft” in their World Cup last-16 defeat to England and laid into the performance of referee Mark Geiger.

Maradona, whose famous ‘Hand of God’ goal helped knock England out of the 1986 World Cup, nailed his colours to the Colombian mast after Argentina were eliminated at the hands of France and was pictured wearing the Colombian team’s jersey on social media.

However, Colombia’s hopes were also ended by a 4-3 shoot-out loss, despite Yerry Mina’s second-half stoppage-time goal cancelling out Harry Kane’s penalty to earn a 1-1 draw after extra time.

Jose Pekerman’s side received six bookings in a tempestuous match, but Maradona says Colombia can feel robbed and questioned the decision of FIFA referee chief Pierluigi Collina to appoint American official Geiger.

Speaking to teleSUR, he said: “I saw a monumental theft on the pitch. I apologise to all the Colombian people, but the players are not to blame for this.

“Here is a gentleman [Collina] who is the one who decides to choose a referee maybe by just googling him. He (Mark Geiger) cannot be put in to referee a match of this magnitude.”

When asked what his biggest objection was, he replied: “The penalty. The penalty against Colombia was not a penalty.

“It was Kane’s fault. The rules allow for VAR assistance, yes or no? Why did he not ask for the VAR? It is not possible, this result has to be denounced.

“Twice the English threw themselves to the ground and he did not admonish them. This was theft. pure & simple”

Maradona, is a god in Argentina and is widely celebrated as a Legend of the game but following his antics at this World cup (which you can bet he doesn’t regret) I don’t think he’ll be receiving too many invites by FIFA To watch games anytime soon. One wonders what they were thinking in the first place as Behavior such as these have been part and parcel of Maradona for a while now. It beggars belief

I believe that ill-advised 2 middle finger celebration in the win over Nigeria that sealed a place in the knockout stages for his country will become one of the ignominious  memories of Russia 2018.

Written by Ashiwe Azunna Anthony

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