Mother Accidentally drops 10month Old Baby to her Death from shopping mall Escalator

A 10-month-old girl fell to her death after slipping from her mother’s arms at a shopping centre.

The mum was travelling up the third floor of the CGR Mall escalator at Ganganagar in Rajasthan, India, when the horrific accident took place.

CCTV footage shows that the shopping centre was gripped by chaos as those who witnessed the incident raced to try and help.

However the fall proved to be fatal.

The baby was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead by medics.

Parents of the baby could be seen happily posing for a selfie just moment before tragedy struck.

In a statement, police said: “This is a clear-cut case of an accident.

“The family of the deceased baby has refused to take any legal action as it was an accident.”

The CGR mall have always placed signs that parents should desist from Taking babies on escalators due to potential risks like this but man flout the advice.

Infants are best advised to use Lifts as opposed to escalators that some people still struggle to get the hang of.

A brave on-looker who witnessed the whole thing described how he raced to the falling baby to throw his own body  on the floor to break her fall but sadly he arrived too late as he had to push several shoppers out of his way in the crowded Cit mall.

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