A mother who missed her son went to go visit him in jail on Thursday. The outcome was not what she expected, reporters reveal

Jennifer Dilan, 38, was arrested at the Lee County Jail, her 12th arrest in Florida in 11 years. When she produced her identification at the entrance, officials quickly discovered tre was an active felony warrant for her arrest.

According to the sheriff’s office the Cape Coral woman’s long rap sheet includes charges of burglary, possession, driving with a suspended license, fraud and dealing in stolen property

Her son, Cristian Dilan, 20, was arrested in June on five charges including grand theft of a motor vehicle, according to Lee County sheriff’s records.

His trial is set for July 9. Mom’s is set for July 30

Reports have it the Son was so distraught with the Mother’s Arrest that he broke down in tears “asking himself the question so who will visit me now”

Cristian Dilan son ofย  Jennifer



He was said to have asked to see his mom, but was denied the request on prison rules that Family members who are incarcerated simultaneously cannot be allowed to meet or see each other.

Apparently Jennifer had visited then Prison several times successfully without being caught in the past but on this occasion luck ran out for her as on that day eagled eyed Prison Officials were on duty.

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