e no get place where you go fit hide for inside that Nou Camp stadium. As the stadium big like dat ehn..Na so all your departments Defence, Midfield, and Attack must dey on their A game or else Barcelona go just just do you like chicken Suya , tear you from limb to limb. My boys know bifor say e no go easy, dem been know say dem no go too see ball so when the chances come we gast takedem  but last last after putting up a brave show and attacking with purpose, that Ogbanje Messi and him people just frustrate my boys efforts. With the help of my yeye Goal Keeper who dash 2 Cheap goals to Messi.

Conte been try with the team selection. Me i no fit complain. The plan wey him bin get na to use Giroud as focal point in attack and let Willian and Hazard 2 fast attacking players ping passes and play off the big french man. We bin start well and attacked immediately down the flanks with Moses and Willian. Looking to open the Spanish league leaders up from flanks. They survived only to come and score with their first attack.

That Barcelona scored from the first attack of the match was a huge slap in the face. Conte will have sent his players out with the instruction to keep it tight, at least try to survive the first 30minutes to put pressure on them, to frustrate them and hit on the counter. But inside 3 minutes that plan turn to waste.

Messi collect one-two with Ousmane Dembele.. Marcos Alonso been don cut am out o but Unfortunately, his interception only sent the ball into the path of Luis Suarez who reacted fast to divert it to Messi who from one kind tight angle like dis give my keeper Toroz! If you see as the keeper leg wide ehn you sef go fear.

Courtois’s legs were just too wide and Messi found his way through them


The goal was a blow, but we be the Blues na we came to fight and we kept attacking and went close through Willian who was really trying his best. Looking dangrous down the left. First half we suppose get Penalty o, Alonso don shape to shoot inside Barca Box after Giroud set him up , But i no sabi as referee wave No. say my guy fall too easily? Na WA o..Alonso almost still give Us hope when one wicked freekick wey him blast just clip the outside of the post..Nearly but nearly cannot kill a bird.

Messi finds the net again



The boys were trying but before you can see Jack robinson We chop another goal in side 2nd half. Fabregas wether na him parlour or backyard wey him thinksay him been dey i no know..But Messi just pick him pocket begin dey run like rabbit inside our area, him skip Chistensen , Skip Azpilicueta ..reach our box begin dey wait for help. Zombie flesh eater Suarez enter space but him no give am na Dembele wey just dey arrive for Box na him he give ball. Dat one no waste time fire rocket inside roof of the net. Keeper try touch am but omo dat shot be like say dem use fuel power am. 2-0 on the night 3-1 on aggregate and that Quarterfinal door con dey close small small for our face .


Barcelona’s third came from mistake  by Azpilicueta, who gave the ball to Suarez, who found Messi and — well,the same thing wey happen 1st half happen again..Ball pass keeper Leg enter.

Na there the story end, How we wan take carry score 4 goals in 15mins against this wicked team? Moratta enter match no see road do anything ..i no too blame am sha.

So now that the Champions league is over we must now face the remaining Premier league games with seriousness and hope we can make top 4. then we can also see if FA CUP is possible make we for nor end season with empty hand. Im proud of the performance last night ..we just lost due to some bad errors.we live to fight another day. UP BLUES!!.



Emm i no go too flog anybody as they try. But i go pull Courtois ear give am konk for head for allowing 2 Toroz goals enter my net from that Ogbanje. Guy be like say we go dash you TO Real Madrid for Summer .. you no too kpef me




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