A woman was cruelly called a witch by her husband due to a rare condition that causes her to ‘sweat’ blood from her eyeballs.

Known only as Geeta, from  India, her condition is said to get worse every day and caused her disgusted husband to walk out on her last year.

Geeta’s father, a labourer, feels ‘afraid and helpless’ as his daughter’s disorder has spread to affect other parts of her body.

Dr  Kumar Singh, who treated Geeta at Sadar hospital, found her blood cell count and clotting is functioning normally.




Geeta suffers from hematohidrosis, which is painless and is believed to have come on suddenly.

Hematohidrosis is an extremely rare condition that causes sufferers to ‘sweat’ blood.

This most commonly occurs on the face and forehead.

Past findings suggest just one in 10 million people are affected by the illness worldwide.

Hematohidrosis generally occurs when sufferers feel intense fear or stress.

This causes the release of chemicals, like adrenaline, that can trigger the rupturing of capillaries in the body, causing blood to exit via the sweat glands.

Some have also suggested hematohidrosis occurs due to menstruation blood exiting the body from sites other than the uterus.

Although little is known about the condition, it does not appear to be life-threatening.

Treatment usually focuses on identifying the underlying trigger, which may involve prescribing antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication.

Geeta cries a lot over her condition but is grateful she has supportive parents otherwise she would have killed herself she said. There are NGO’s from Australia and England looking to get her to see a specialist to help her.


Asked about her now en-stranged husband Geeta said: She forgives him, but will never take him back if God heals her from this condition.

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