Manners to teach your Kids before they reach 10 years of age

The earlier you start teaching children etiquette, the more it becomes day to day normal behaviour to them and is easier to absorb,

The wisdom here is that ,Just as it is easier to learn a language as a child, so it is for any skill set including proper manners. In Nigeria, we have taken proper manners far too lightly leaving Kids behaving like they never got trained by their Parents.

Things as basic as knocking on a door before opening it – which can help avoid awkward moments – and to simply say thank you are becoming rare in kids.

According to Mrs Glover, a child behaviour specialist children must also learn how to answer the phone politely, and pick up using phrases such as “Hello”, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening”, or “Hello, how may I help you?” because that is the road to raising polite adults in future.


  1. How to correctly hold cutlery (fork, knife ,spoon)
  2. How to properly excuse yourself before you Belch
  3. Never chew with your mouth open
  4. How to set the table
  5. Never put elbows on the table
  6. When to say please, thank you and excuse me
  7. How to show positive body language
  8. Never comment one someone’s appearance, unless it’s a compliment
  9. Never point or stare
  10. Never interrupt adults when they’re talking
  11. How to introduce themselves and others properly
  12. Never call an adult by his or her first name, unless told to (Scratch that Never do it!)
  13.  Always knock on a door before opening it (No peeping first)
  14. How to write a thank-you letter and why we do it
  15. Why it’s important to invite someone to join a group if they are by themselves
  16. How to dress and groom themselves for nice outings
  17. How to answer the phone
  18. Always make eye contact when speaking to another person
  19. Always cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing
  20. When to use indoor and outdoor convenience

If you can raise kids who embodify these traits you have done very well as a parent

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