A BLOOD-SPATTERED dad who streamed a Facebook Live video moments after allegedly butchering his wife warned women not to “irritate” their husbands, it has been reported.

Horrifying footage appears to show Abu Marwan, 41, talking directly to the camera with what looks like blood dripping over his face and hand.

Marwan, who was living in Mühlacker in Baden-Württemberg, South Germany, at the time of the alleged incident, claimed he killed his wife in the distressing video before escaping with his 12-year-old son.

Appearing panting and next to his son in the FACEBOOK stream, Marwan claimed he committed the alleged murder at their home after they separated.

Dressed in a black jacket, grey top and glasses, Marwan frequently gestures to the blood on the floor and touches his face with his blood-soaked hand.

 Horrifying footage shows Marwan appearing to admit murdering his wife

Marwan with his blood stained hands



Marwan claims the victim kicked him out when he attempted to visit her and resolve matters between the family,

Speaking in Arabic, Marwan said his actions were a message to all women who irritate their husbands.

He warns “this is how you’ll end”, before urging viewers to share the video.

He and his son are shown at first in one room before walking along a street and stopping beside a wall.

Local media reports that he then went on the run with one of his children – a 12-year-old boy – before taking to Facebook Live.

Marwan, originally from Syria, was reportedly arrested by police in nearby Karlsruhe shortly after leaving the crime scene in Mühlacker.

He is accused of stabbing his 37-year-old partner up to five times in the neck

t is reported that officers were alerted to the incident after the couple’s young daughter contacted them about an offence that had taken place.

Facebook Live has faced criticism in the past after a number of crimes were B since the new feature launched in 2016.


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