A MAN named Rambo was kicked out of his village iafter neighbours caught him raping a pregnant goat.

They caught him assaulting the animal after hearing its anguished bleats from his hut..

They forced his door open and caught him having intercourse with the animal, the villagers said.

The alleged pervert, named locally as Shina Rambo (not his real name) , was eventually taken in by the authorities.

But not before his captors handed out their own humiliating justice by parading him naked in public with the goat.

Men, women and children jeered as Rambo, in his 20s, sat on the ground with the animal tied around his neck part of the time.

The incident is also expected to affect Rambo’s parents who are also believed to have been asked to leave the village.

Community leader representatives claimed Rambo was a serial pervert, local media reported.

“He did not start this today,” said one article.

“He has done it in Ogba and Ibieguani before he was chased out of these communities.

 An angry mob tied the goat to Rambo to embarrass him further

Rambo and the violated Goat tied to his neck


He stole there too. We have told his father and mother to leave the community immediately.

“We left him before because his father is a good man.

“He has to make some sacrifice to appease the land. And after that, he will leave this community.”

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