The League Management Company have handed out a heavy punishment to FC IfeanyiUbah for walking out of their Nigeria Professional Football League 2016/2017 season opening match against Kano Pillars in Kano on Saturday, Yougetmouth.com can confirm.

IfeanyiUbah staged a walkout early in the second half after they claimed their goal was wrongly disallowed by the centre referee in the first half.

The LMC not only handed out a fine totalling N9.15 million, IfeanyiUbah are also to forfeit three points and three goals from the match as well as a further three points from their future games this season.

“For refusing to continue the NPFL game vs Kano Pillars on Saturday, FC Ifeanyiubah will pay a fine of N3m,” the LMC announced on their website on Monday.

“FC Ifeanyiubah will also forfeit 3 points, 3 goals from the NPFL game which shall be credited to their opponents Kano Pillars.

“FC Ifeanyiubah will further forfeit 3 points from accrued points which will be suspended for a probationary period of the reminder of the NPFL season.

“FC Ifeanyiubah will pay a fine of N5m for hindering and infringing the live TV Broadcast of the NPFL game vs Kano Pillars.

“Also FC Ifeanyiubah will have two points deducted from accrued points, which is suspended for a probationary period of the remainder of the NPFL season owing to hindering and infringing on the fulfilment of the broadcast contract.

“For conduct capable of bringing the #NPFL to disrepute, FC Ifeanyiubah shall pay a fine of N1m.
“Three points shall also be deducted from points accruing to FC Ifeanyiubah for behaviour capable of bringing the NPFL to disrepute. This shall be suspended for a probation period of the remainder of the season.

“FC Ifeanyiubah shall also pay a fine of N150,000 for causing a delay to the restart of the #NPFL game vs Kano Pillars after half time without good reason.”

IfeanyiUbah’s Team Manager Jonathan Igwe was also fined N500,000 and suspended indefinitely from all league matches, while their head coach Yaw Preko was reprimanded.

FC IfeanyiUbah have been given two days to appeal the decisions of the LMC if they wish to.

it is the wider belief that this will serve as punishment and prevent future occurence of this show of shame.

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