Liverpool vs Manchester United is always a titanic battle. And Jurgen Klopp is set to dish out maximum pain to the Visiting League leaders. Manchester may have been swatting every one in their sight so far but against Liverpool they will come up against more quality than anything they have encountered so far in their near perfect start to the league campaign. Klopp claims he knows where to hit United hard and will exploit that when the two Giants meet today.

The Liverpool squad enjoyed an early start on Saturday as they began match day preparations for their clash against Manchester United with a team walk.

Liverpool take on Manchester United in the first Premier League game of the day at Anfield


The two rivals face off at Anfield on Saturday lunchtime, with United level at the top of the Premiership table with Manchester City and Liverpool occupying seventh place.

Victory at Anfield would be a statement win for either side, and the Liverpool squad were up and out early as they spent time together on a walk round the Saturday in preparation.

Manager Jurgen Klopp led the group, while the likes of Jordan Henderson, Mohamed Salah and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all wearing a focused gaze as they stretched their legs ahead of arguably their biggest test of the season to date.

United have found their groove, with Jose Mourinho’s expensively-assembled squad impressing during the early weeks of the season, but Liverpool boss Klopp has scoffed at suggestions he and his players are unable to keep pace with their Old Trafford rivals.

‘In the moment when I think we cannot be successful — and there is only consolation — I go,’ Klopp said firmly. ‘Why should I be here as some kind of caretaker until the world creates a manager who can be more successful? That makes no sense. I am really convinced.

Other managers have different ways to do it. Other clubs have different ways to do it. We have our way. I don’t think I’m the perfect manager. I only think I’m the perfect fit for this club. And I feel already much more responsible than maybe I should.

‘If your neighbour has a better situation — he’s got one more car, he gets to go on one extra holiday — does it mean you can’t enjoy your own situation? It’s about us being happy, not others. Can we dominate them for the next 20 years without spending the same amount of money? Probably not.

‘But can we still be there? Yes, of course. And we want to force this. We want to be consistent, constant at our high level and improve it. Even when we lose a player in the future we want to bring in other players. That’s the benefit of a long-term project.’

Expect goals in this one as both have cracking forwards in good form like Lukaku and Mohammed salah.

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