Wladimir Klitschko claims he knows exactly what will happen when he meets Anthony Joshua in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium.

He is just not telling anyone.

The huge iconic figure who reigned over world heavyweight boxing for a decade is putting his prediction in a sealed envelope marked: ‘Not to be opened before end of fight on April 29.’

No clue in that message as to what Klitschko perceives the outcome will be when he fights Joshua, the young giant who has ascended already to one of his thrones, for two of the world titles he lost to Tyson Fury.

Let him explain: ‘I could promise you anything I like. Promise to do whatever everybody wants to hear. But it doesn’t mean anything. Not at the moment.

‘I have a clear vision of how the fight will go. But only the facts will tell on April 29. Then everyone will see the truth for themselves.

‘So I am writing my prediction and sealing it an envelope to be opened after the fight.’

Klitschko, who will turn 41 before Wembley, is happy to discuss the age gap between himself and 27-year-old Joshua.

So which is the greater advantage? The wisdom of experience or the power of youth?

‘Anthony and I have many comparisons,’ he says. ‘But that is the one big difference between us. We both won Olympic gold medals and have gone on to become world heavyweight champions. We are both strong and intelligent. We both knock men out. We are both courteous and respectful.

‘But where he has age on his side, I have the experience.

‘Which is the greater? I can say age is only a number because I am not ready to sit on the sofa, drink beer and watch television. In fact I never will be.

I will always find something to fulfil my competitive nature.

‘I can say also that experience is not something you can buy in a pill at the chemist’s shop. It is the priceless accumulation of years.

‘Experience is like a full suitcase. It can be heavy to carry but what matters is finding the right time and place to set it down, open it and make good use of all that is inside.

‘Can I make that work for me in the ring. At Wembley. On April 29? We will find out.’

One other question which pursues Klitschko as he enters his full-time training camp in the Austrian Tyrol this week is whether he still has the hunger for victory after all his years of glory.

Yes I have the passion,’ he insists. ‘More than that, after letting myself down against Fury, it is now my obsession to regain my championship.’

Wlad The Impaler knows all the answers but the one to the biggest question of all is for his eyes only.

What fun. Not least for the bookies who are quoting Joshua as the 2/5 favourite and Klitschko at 2/1.

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