How often do you go to the toilet to do “major”

How often you go to the toilet, and do you know that what  your feaces look like can tell you a lot about your health.

There are some days you may feel like you are constantly running back and forth to the toilet, while other times it seems days have gone by yet you barely need to go at all.

So, how often should you be peeing and pooing? And are there warning signs to look out for?

A change in bowel habits, blood in your stools and pain in your tummy can all be red-flag signs of bowel cancer. It’s the 3rd deadliest cancer in the world but it can be cured, IF it’s caught early enough.

How often should you poo?

The answer here is pretty simple: how ever many times a day is normal for you.

“Some people will go two or three times a day and that’s completely normal for them, others will go three or four days without going,” Dr Sarah Jarvis, said .

“If that’s normal for you then that’s fine.

But what you need to ask yourself is ‘are you constipated?’ and that can mean going less often, having to strain when you go, or having pain when getting it out. Thats when you should be worried

“Or [if you are going more often] you may have diarrhoea which will be looser or runny stools.” those are the times when You find your self unwilling to pass wind as you fear they may be a discharge.

In these cases you don’t need to see a doctor as the symptoms should clear up on their own in a few days.

If you regularly suffer with constipation you may not be drinking enough water, eating enough fibre or getting enough exercise. These actions are necessary to maintain healthy Bowel life.



When should you see a doctor?

If you notice problems with your number twos that lasts longer than a few days, or it happens on a regular basis, you should speak to a doctor


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