How Boko Haram Cut off limbs of CAPTIVES letting them bleed to death

SPECIAL Forces soldiers have revealed the blood-soaked horror of battling terror death cult Boko Haram in Nigeria – as commanders begged for Reaper drones to win the war.

During a four-year campaign of spiralling mass murder, rape and kidnap, Boko Haram Insurgents have left more than 20,000 dead while forcing millions to flee. Elite Special Forces troopers from 707 Brigade told how murder squads surge on defenceless villages in overwhelming numbers – using children and the elderly as human shields.

And they revealed how Boko Haram jihadis execute captives by hacking off limbs before leaving victims to bleed to death in the dust. Now Special Forces operators are being boosted in their battle by hand-picked troops from 1 Scots – part of the shadowy Specialised Infantry Group– which conducts elite training for foreign forces.

Brigadier General Clement Apere, who heads 707 Special Forces Brigade, motto “no impossibility”, admitted he was desperate to boost surveillance to end the gore. And said he would “welcome” a deployment of crack Who Dares Win SAS troops to “operate together” alongside his own platoons. The Sun was granted unparalleled access to his Special Forces HQ in remote Makurdi to meet Brig Gen Apere’s troops.

He said: “What we need mostly from the international community is to be able to boost the ability to gather intelligence. So we are working with real time intelligence – like drones – so we could monitor their movements. The international community should not look at the battle as if its Nigerian’s battle. It needs a concerted effort.”

During a high level visit to the Nigerian Ministry of Defence The Sun was shown the targets such assets could be used to neutralise – a rogues gallery of Boko Haram henchmen still on the loose. Detailing the atrocities inflicted by Muslim extremists – now running riot in a 100,000sq mile region of North East Nigeria, he said: “People who are unfortunate to be captured by them and will not comply, some of them are slaughtered.

“Slaughtered just like you slaughter an animal, some of them are shot. Some even have their limbs cut off and they bleed to death. They don’t have any respect for human life, that’s the truth.”

Cpl Nwadi Ikechuhwu, 35, of 707 Brigade, defended a village from an all-out attack in a battle that raged for two days. He said: “It was very tough on that day. They came en masse. The village asked us to go and defend them. They put the children and the old men at the front and they would be at the back. They used them like shields. The young children had cutlasses and sticks, while the tough men are at the back, they leave the children to protect them.”

After the battle ended he found nine of his comrades dead. Comrade Sgt Tom Gideon, 41, of 707 Brigade, a married, dad of one, told how a force of 200 attacked his platoon of 30 men. He said: “They attack in masses, 100, 200, against a platoon of 30, some with machete, some with AK-47s.

“They were shouting Allahu Akbar, we thought this is just a peaceful demonstration, but when they started shooting at us we knew it.


Around 80 men were left dead in the skirmish, recalling the bloodshed, he said: “The sight is bad, you cannot imagine, they will kill everyone in the village. When you see men, women and children crying, you feel for them, because they are humans too and you want to help them.”

But he praised the training given by British troops saying, “it is what we need to win these fire-fights.” Since 2014 British forces deployed in small handpicked teams have been conducted counter terror training camps with the Nigerian forces go they can defeat the evil.

Captain Chris Colwell, 26, from Belfast, revels in the “satisfying” work, saying: “What happens in the North East impacts what we’re doing here. We are training them so they can effectively fight Boko Haram.”




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