It can be one of the most embarrassing and depressing events of life.

EVERY morning Olivia Robbin wakes up in a panic, knowing exactly what has happened – and feeling utterly powerless to stop it . its like a part of her dies.

The retail banker has struggled with bed-wetting her entire life and now sleeps wearing an adult nappy due to an overactive bladder.

Olivia, now 25, says she’s never been able to sit through a full film at the cinema, finds it difficult to find a boyfriend and has to be prepared to run to the toilet at any point during the day at her job.

Over the years she’s spent a fortune washing her bed sheets every day and having to replace them regularly.

Olivia, from Ottowa, Canada, admitted her condition has made her want to “give up on finding help so many times”, and she’s even wanted to “give up on life”.

Prior to seeing a urologist about her condition at age 19, Olivia had always assumed she had a small bladder and was told by GPs that she’d grow out of it. But that didn’t happen.



She was home-schooled for most of her education, meaning she wasn’t around other children to realise there was something different about her. which would have had disastrous consequences with constant bullying that would have destroyed her confidence.

Olivia used to dread telling her friends’ parents that she was likely to wet the bed every time she went for a sleepover.

“They tried to play it down and make me feel more comfortable,” she recalls.

“I appreciated that, however I couldn’t tell them that it was an every night issue and not a rare occasion.”

Olivia hoped her bed-wetting would stop when she reached her early teens, but it never did.

Her mum Jody, 50, has always been very supportive of her problem, but dad Dave, 55, and her brothers rarely talked to her about it and as such she never knew what was on their mind.

” you can imagine the financial cost involved in buying stap on nappies every was a nightmare.” have i thought of ending it all? Yes many times, but when i remember who jeart broken and devastated my Mom will be i decide to fight on..She loves me to death.

I don’t know if there is a cure for me. I’ve gone through almost all my options, and if my InterStim implant fails to give me relief of my symptoms, I can try Botox injections again in my bladder,” she says.

After that I’ve only got one other final option and that’s bladder augmentation, which is a serious invasive surgery and have been told is very very risky.

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