Former Arsenal Striker EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR says he “hates” Arsenal and has branded Arsene Wenger as “fake”.

The striker, now playing for Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehi, has accused Wenger of lying over his Gunnersa exit 9 years ago and lifted the lid on why he prefers Jose Mourinho’s “honesty”.

Adebayor, 33, was the first of three Gunners attackers to leave for Manchester clubs – with Alexis Sanchez set to follow

But – unlike Sanchez, Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri – Adebayor says Wenger forced him into a £25million move in 2009.

Comparing Wenger to Mourinho, who the Togolese played for on loan at Real Madrid in 2011, Adebayor said: “Mourinho is the one of the managers I loved and will always love.

“He is one of the (most) honest managers I have met in my career, which is crazy because most of the managers are all kind of like fake.

 Emmanuel Adebayor has accused Arsene Wenger of lying over his departure from Arsenal

Wenger and Adebayor in happier times


As an example, I had a meeting with Arsene Wenger in his office when he told me I had to leave because he doesn’t see my future any more in Arsenal. I have to move on in my life.

“I was like ‘I’m going to stay.’ He was like ‘no there is not even a fight organised. We are not going to organise any fight for you. You move out or you stay here and don’t play any games.’

“So I didn’t have any other choice than joining Man City which I was very happy to join.

And the next day when I joined Manchester City I saw him doing a press conference in London saying that I wanted to leave because the money was big and everything and since that day that is where the hate for Arsenal came from.

“Not the fans because the fans are the first English fans to sing my name in London.

“Even today when I watch them play I want them to win but at the same time I want them to lose because the anger in me is too big.

Mourinho is a manager that wants to win a trophy no matter what it takes, even if he has to park the bus, the train or a plane he just wants to win and will do everything it takes to win.

“He will not sleep. He will work 24 hours to win one game and Arsene just loves to bring kids in and make them become big players. He is like a teacher.”

Adebayor faced his old side just a month into the new season and netted in a 4-2 win with his fourth goal in consecutive games for since joining.

Van Persie also accused Adebayor of kicking him in the face.

 Adebayor celebrated by running the length of the pitch and sliding on his knees in front of Arsenal fans

Adebayor in his firstgame vs Arsenal as  mancity player


But the moment fans remember is his goal, which Adebayor celebrated by running the length of the pitch before sliding on his knees in front of the travelling Gunners supporters.

He added: “What was going through my head? A prisoner is out. A prisoner is free.

“I play for the club for three and a half years. They bought me for three or four million they sold me for 27 million they still calling me names. They are still telling me I leave for money?

“You bought me for three million I still have five years of contract and you let me go for 20 million more and you are telling me I am the one leaving for money and abusing me.

“You can insult me no problem, but telling me my father washes elephants?

“I am not taking that so it was just to show them that the person you are insulting still has something in his locker.


Yougetmouth says: ADEBAYOR was a great striker for Arsenal but he is being economical with the truth here, i recall then when Mancity were interested in him he likened it to haring that Beyonce had interest in you,, City were coming with Big Wages. He was very interested in that move away from the Gunners




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