As an Arsenal fan iv experienced many awful days watching the team i support. Manchester united vs Arsenal 2011,On a warm saturday afternoon in Manchester i watched in London as my team was torn to peices as goals flew in from every angle in a dreadful day for all associated with the club.. Sir Alex’s Ferguson’s boys put 8 goals past us. (Though Mancity ended up putting 6 past them that same season to which all gunners took delight from). Barcelona also served us a 4-1 thrashing at the Nou camp i recall in 2010 also.. Then there was a 5-1 thrashing in 2014 by Liverpool..jeez,i still remember that game as one that exposed our Midfield built around Arteta as literally finished. Ahh then there was the 6-0 at chelsea..jesus what a horror show that was…Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game in charge, Marked with a 6-0 drubbing by our loud mouthed city rivals..horrible stuff.

You may ask why i am regurgitating these terrible results. Well because if you put them all together the embarrassment they caused is nothing compared to the one i felt on wednesday night..i cant tell you how sick in my stomach that game made me feel. I have never seen such a weak-ass performance from a team wearing the Proud colours of Arsenal football Club in all my life. Look, Bayern are a great side and i have seen them thrash some of the best teams in Europe before, But we were shockingly bad on Wednesday night and something about the nature of the game made it obvious that there is a problem in the Arsenal dressing room.

The first half saw them dominate possession and pin us back into our own half. The few occasions we had it we tamely gave it up and handed back the ball to them. Our midfield of xhaka, coquelin and Ozil looked way out of their depth. Outclassed, outplayed and outfought. We couldn’t get a foot hold in the game and it was depressing to watch my team so totally overwhelmed. The first goal from Robben was avoidable. i don’t quite know how much of European football Francis Coquelin watches but if its any where close to enough he would know better than allow Robben a chance to strike a ball on literally the only foot every one in the world knows he has ..his Left. The puzzling part was how instead of getting in front of the striker to block his sight of goal Coquelin shifted further to his a kind of “hey Robben excuse me while i just get out of your way so you can take a shot” was so daft from coquelin.

After the goal, we looked to soak pressure after pressure trying to keep it tight at the back in a bid to frustrate Bayern. It seemed like we were managing to just do that,though by the skin of our teeth as the Germans where looking Dangerous at every attack. Then just when we least expected it a bit of luck fell our way..After an innocuous clearance went wrong, the Ref blew up for a penalty to Arsenal after Bayern striker Lewandoski was adjudged to have handled the ball in his box.. It looked a lucky call as i didn’t see any handball to be honest. Alexis Sanchez stepped up to the spot, Fluffed the penalty, made an airshot at the rebound missing the ball completely..only to exquisitely find the back of the net at the 3rd time of asking with a good strike. 1-1 and suddenly we looked alive in the Allianz arena, the goal gave us a boost in confidence and for the next 5 minutes towards the end of the half we looked the better team and should have gone ahead twice first from Xhaka’s shot and then Ozil. But Half time blew and we were 1-1 with Bayern..a superb result at that point..Little did we know what was laying in wait for us in the 2nd half

Arsene Wenger has always been a Manager who does his things in accordance to his own whims..Well Thats why he is the manager you might say, but still it doesn’t take knowledge of rocket science to choose the right players to make the squad in this Arsenal team at any given point. We the fans may not spend the whole bloody day with these guys like Wenger does but we don’t need to in order to make accurate selection decisions that are definitely better than what we have seen recently. Its Half time at Bayern we are tied at 1-1.. contingencies like injuries must be catered for yes, but i’d have taken off the struggling Ozil for Elneny. It would appear that if the game had continued at that 1-1 score until late seeds of doubt would have started to crop up in the Bayern players heads..

But then the MOMENT it all went down hill for us, Bad luck struck as Koscielny hobbled off somewhere around the 48th minute in the 2nd half with suspected injury and with his departure went our defensive Organisation. We literally crumbled as Bayern scored the 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th.

Im not a masochist so i wont go into the ins and outs sorrounding how we conceded those goals..The fifth one in particular where Chamberlain literally gave the ball to their striker is still annoying beyond narration..even 72hrs later. To say we shit ourselves collectively as a unit that night is an understatement.

The man in the eye of the Storm now is the manager, I have some sympathy for him as i believe he is a bit in denial to accept that the time has come to go. Wenger is a proud man and has a huge reputation to protect but unfortunately, this time he is increasingly finding himself on his own. A lot of the pro Wenger supporters can no longer defend the forever re-occurring failures year in year out. A club he built that was once admired for its sublime brand of football is now a subject of ridicule. Never have we seemed more out of our depth in Europe as we have looked in the last 4 years. This is despite investing in new players. The problem is clear to see.. the players are not always at the level of top class performers. They are talented but they are weak mentally, never inclined to fight or show maturity on the pitch at critical times and worse of all they now look to have accepted the comfortable life at Arsenal that Wenger and his style of Management has engendered. Arsene was a great manager and is a legend at Arsenal forever. But it is so obvious he cannot take this Club any further. Wednesday was in my opinion a watershed and i expect Le prof to do the Honourable thing at the end of the season and call it a day. Sadly it may not end with a trophy but that is a small price to pay for the overall Good and Future of this great club ARSENAL.

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