Ok so i didn’t get to watch this game as i was away on another engagement on Sunday evening, i cannot really offer any indepth match analysis as a result but i still felt the pain and anger that stemmed from this defeat just as accurately as any other fan who watched the game. Reports have it that we had a good first half where we dominated the home side after scoring early, only to completely collapse in the 2nd half as Mancity grabbed an early Equaliser.

Im not going to overreact on this defeat as i believe it hasn’t revealed anything that i don’t already know. The weaknesses of Last season still persist. We have a very big problem responding to a fight when it is thrown squarely in our face. Personnel have changed over the years but it appears, no matter the array of players we have in the team, A lack of mettle seems to bubble to the surface when an otherwise seige mentality to give every thing to fight for the game would have been the expected response.

Twitter was scathing with its assessment of the team’s disappointing 2nd half performance, words like Wimps, gutless, sissy’s were used to label the players.Now, I know footballers and their ego’s well ..They would not have enjoyed reading that at all to be honest.

But there is a good side to this defeat.There are still a lot of games to be played. yes,being 9 points adrift of the league leaders is not the ideal place to be if you want to compete but better this sort of setback occurs now than say in March.

Wenger has always labelled them as mentally tough..well its time to show it, The christmas fixtures are here ..get 9 points and things just may brighten up

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