Cops were offering a £40,000 reward for Stephens, who filmed himself killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.

A FUGITIVE gunman who shot dead a grandfather and posted the murder on Facebook screamed at McDonald’s drive-thru workers to hurry up before killing himself after a police chase, it has emerged.

Steve Stephens, 37, shot himself in his white Ford Fusion Yesterday after what police called a “brief pursuit” in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police said officers spotted Stephens in Erie County, in the state’s northwest corner, this morning after receiving a tip-off.

Pennsylvania State Police said officers spotted Stephens near a McDonald’s in the state’s north-west corner this morning after receiving a tip-off.

Tom Ducharme, owner of the restaurant, told CNN that Stephens drove up, placed an order and paid an employee, who recognised him and called police.

The worker could now be in line for a massive payout after a £40,000 reward was offered while Stephens was on the run.

Henry Sayers, the restaurant’s manager, told the New York Times the fugitive ordered a 20-piece box of Chicken McNuggets and a large order of French fries.

Workers reportedly tried to stall him by telling him his fries weren’t ready yet.

But Stephens reportedly grew impatient, driving off after telling workers: “I can’t wait! I need my McNuggets!”

Cops caught up with Stephens nearby and tried to pull him over but he took off, Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams told a news conference this afternoon.

Williams said Stephens stopped his vehicle after a brief chase.

He explained: “As the officers approached that vehicle Steve Stephens took his own life.”

“We would have preferred that it had not ended this way,” he added, saying he and the community would have had “a lot of questions” for Stephens.

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