Politics in Nigeria never ceases to amaze anyone who cares to follow it. Its penchant of assuming anything from the absurd to the totally ridiculous must rank as legendary. Space will not permit to delve into some of these instances . Instead lets cast our attention to the latest interesting episode of “Naija Politics” playing out in Edo state.

Godwin Obaseki and Adams Oshiomole were the unstoppable force in 2016 sweeping into Government house like a Tsunami with a God father/Political son tag team that is all too common in our political landscape. They looked like 2 peas in a pod. The Physical resemblance for that matter between both men,  one would easily pardon you if  you had thought they were brothers from the same mothers. It looked an Alliance made in the stars.

Mr Oshiomhole, a former governor of Edo State, had completed his mandatory 8 years and as is typical of most Nigerian Governors already had his protege waiting in the wings to take over by way of Mr Obaseki. Obaseki’s emergence to succeed Oshiomole as governor in 2016 came against all the odds.  As many apparently foretold this rift and warned Oshiomole to reconsider but he pushed ahead and the rest is history. As time went on, the two men quickly fell out. Its hard to pin point the Genesis of the problem between both as Oshiomole never volunteer’s any detailed account of what happened.However Governor Obaseki in an interview with Channels said:“I do not have a rift with him (Oshiomhole) as a person. I just do not agree with how some decisions are taken, as it relates to the party. It is not in the interest of our party.

“Our quarrel has been that we as (party leaders) are doing things that are outside the constitution of our party. The logic of democracy is that it’s the people that should drive democracy. Democracy should be built bottom-up, and not top-down. Democracy should start from the base,”


Obaseki and Oshiomole in happier times

“So you see, in the last four years, we in Edo have restructured our party, we have built from the unit, through the wards, through the local government (areas), and to the state.“And the executive at every level are in harmony. Our party is very strong in the state and the quarrel is that the party is not being allowed to make its decisions from the base, decisions are imposed from the top, and that’s not auguring well; it’s creating disharmony within the system.”

Basically implying  that Adams Oshiomole was a dictator type leader who wanted things done his way or the high way.

But fast forward to today, Godwin Obaseki having resigned his membership with the APC,the party that swept him into power after they refused to accept his participation in the forth coming elections due to alleged certificate  Forgery. The Governor has defected to PDP to actualize his 2nd term dreams.

In truth the defection was the worst kept secret. Everyone literally saw this coming. Governor Obaseki was received by the leadership of the opposition party led by the state Chairman of the PDP, Hon Tony Aziegbemi

But Governor Obaseki knows the battle line has now been drawn. Given Adams Oshiomole’s position as the (now former) APC national chairman,he is the biggest obstacle to Mr Obaseki’s second term ambition.

The Oshiomhole-Obaseki political rift crippled the Edo State House of Assembly (14 lawmakers elected on the APC platform are yet to be inaugurated since June 2019). It has also factionalised the APC in the state.

The APC governorship primary holds late June, while the general election is in September.

A source said Oshiomhole and the National Working Committee of the APC settled for direct method for the primary, while Governor Obaseki had wanted alongside the faction of the APC in Edo State that is loyal to him  an indirect primary.

“The June 22 primary will settle all issues,” the APC deputy national vice chairman, South-South, Hillard Etta was quoted to have said in a report published by The Guardian newspaper.

Decamping like he did,is an open invitation to war by Obaseki, Can he beat his detractors in September? will Adams finally be humbled?

Time will tell

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