DEONTAY WILDER has revealed two potential dates for his unification showdown with Anthony Joshua.

The Bronze bomber claimed that he is willing to fight the WBA, IBF, IBO and WBO champion in his home country or in America.

Wilder, 32, said the fight will be in September if it’s in the UK and in November if it happens in America.

Speaking to Fight Hub Tv  the American said: “We’re still in negotiations so I don’t have a time frame on it just yet but I want everyone to know the fight will happen.

“If we have it in England it’ll be September – if it’s here in American it’ll be November.

But AJ has insisted it will take place in the UK, claiming he wants to avoid the tricks of American Judges and Referees.

And the Nigerian native but British-born bruiser has stated that he is willing to lose $15M to seure the fight on home soil.

The American, who holds the WBC title, went on to question the character of AJ and his team after he claimed that he would take the fight if he was guaranteed $50M.

Deontay Wilder in action


He added: “If they still serious – we been serious this whole way through, Joshua said he wanted the $50m he’ll sign tomorrow.

“We did exactly what he did and he didn’t sign so that shows you his character already or his team character.

“I think Joshua wants to fight but I don’t think his team want to risk what they’ve invested. Their investment about to go and they know it.”

Wilder believes Joshua can earn more money if he crosses the Atlantic for a battle in the States.

But the Bronze Bomber was unable to confirm whether there was a deadline to finalise the unification fight.

The 32-year-old said: “I don’t know, that’s up to them, that’s something they have to discuss, we ready now, if it was up to me then it would’ve been done, sign, sealed and delivered.

You would’ve had a date, you would’ve had a venue and everyone would have been happy.”

Despite the uncertainty, Wilder remains certain that he will put an end to AJ’s unbeaten run in the ring.

The American brute added: “It’s coming soon baby, I just want you all to know, be ready for the biggest fight of your lives.

“It’s going to be amazing and there will be one champion, one face, one name and he go by the name of Deontay Wilder.”

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