DRIVERS experienced the shock of their lives in Utah this morning as cows “fell out of the sky” and hit their cars.

Some commuters were injured when approximately 25 cattle fell from a Lorry transporting them along the freeway above in Riverdale.

The lorry was speeding in the 45mph zone when it crashed just after noon yesterday, tipping over and sending its live cargo onto the road below.

It’s not known how many cows died, although footage from the scene shows several splayed in pools of blood on the road.

Others were apparently unharmed by their plunge, and were freely roaming the grass by the roadside.

The freeway was closed while the cattle and the truck were cleared, causing traffic tailbacks for five miles.


 At least 25 cows 'fell from the sky' after a cattle truck tipped over on a Utah freeway

Dead cows on the Highway as they fell from the Bridge after the Accident.

One driver Kerri Kofoed told local news station of the moment the cows showered down, smacking into her car and injuring her wrist and shoulder.

Pointing at pictures of the damage to her vehicle, she said: “A cow fell out of the sky and hit my car.

“He fell and hit me right here, smacked my windshield and bounced off. I did what anybody would do, slammed on my breaks.

Her car crashed into the median wall of the bridge, driving over other fallen cattle before coming to a stop.

She said: “I saw them in my mirrors as my airbags deployed, all slammed down behind and around.

“I’m guessing he was one of the last ones that fell, and I think he landed on top of the others and he started wandering.”

 It's not known how many of the cows dieddead cows at the Accident scene

The truck’s driver was unharmed in the crash, but charged over his speeding by officers at the scene.

A similar incident happened on the same freeway just last year, when 70 of a truck’s 80 cows died after falling to the road below.

Authorities said that crash was also due to speeding.

 Some of the cattle survived and were seen roaming the grass by the roadside

Som of the cows who survived the fall were seen  roaming about..


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