Don’t act like you don’t know it exists. Its a global phenomenon that occurs on the hush hush. working class People spend 90% of their lives in the office than in their own homes and in close interaction with hot members of the opposite sex they get to see on the daily of course there will be sparks that will fly at some point. It may be the sexy Coffee girl, the Tall Hunky Oga with dimples, the Youth service girl in sales with Shakira curves etc. Its no wonder the Office is one of the more popular themes on Porn sites. Its a sexual melting point and my guess is there are probably a few people in your own office right now who are knacking and you dont know..or you probably do.


GETTING frisky at work may seem exciting for both parties but it can end in disaster. The cardinal rule remains DO NOT GET CAUGHT! not by the cleaners, the Security , or more recently the CCTV. If you do you are toast!

Here are the excerpts from some not so lucky who got caught:


Clare McCartney, 37,

Clare, who was a receptionist and is now a stand-up comedian, says: “I had been flirting with a bloke in sales for a couple of weeks

“One Friday we went to a nearby pub then I took him back to the office, as I had the keys.

“It was several days later but the moment my boss called me into his office I knew something bad was about to happen

To my utter horror he then replayed CCTV footage of me lying on my back on my desk, plainly having sex.

“I never thought about the cameras.

“I got such a telling off from my boss and the scandal contributed to the fact I left my job a few weeks later.

“In fact I was so embarrassed I went off travelling and became a yoga teacher for a while in India.


Tara Cameron, 26,

Tara got involved with her boss. “He made it very clear he found me attractive and there was a lot of flirting”

One night, when everyone else had gone home, we got very hot and heavy.

“But the next week another colleague mentioned his “partner”. I was horrified. He told me he was single.

“I stormed up to his desk to confront him and we had a huge argument in front of everyone, it was so embarrassing.



Jamiu 27

Jamiu works in a bank in lagos and got involved with the Youth service girl in accounts.

“She was the hottest thing i had laid eyes on…Totally my type with a radiant smile”. Little did he know his direct boss was also heavily involved with the girl. He had been chatting her up a lot and she liked his company always looking for a reason to come to his desk. One day it rained heavily and Jamiu was working very late on a report. “From no where she appeared and said she had waited in vain at the Bustop to get a bus but no show”

He was happy and asked her to wait so he can drop her off..They began chatting excitedly and just as he made to go to the loo on concluding his report his hands brushed her breasts and right on cue they began kissing..Things escalated and they found themselves in the store room doing it..But unknown to Jamiu CCTV had just been installed there the previous week. The show was caught on Camera and The boss saw it when the technicians came to test if the newly installed camera was working fine. The xrated show was seen and shown to the oga. The boss  transferred Jamiu out of the area and recommended him for disciplinary action. The lady in Question was also redeployed but the boss had intended to keep her. She declined and opted to leave.

“I was stupid” Jamiu laughs and maybe lucky too. I could have gotten Fired.

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