Its a scenario that plays out everywhere in the world. Single ladies of Marraigeable age looking for a Partner face so many Psychological and mental constraints. The desire to hook up with that one person sometimes overides common sense. But here we present the customary pitfalls and hope they provide some help


First date: Jumping into a relationship too quickly

The fear of being alone and ending up a “crazy cat lady” is intense. But to create a meaningful, lasting relationship, it’s important to choose your partner wisely. Appreciate you time single. Be sure you know who you are as a person and what you want outside of a relationship. Once you figure out your long-term goals, make sure to discuss that with your potential partner. You don’t want for instance to find out two years later that you want kids and they don’t.


2- A couple months in: Ignoring red flags and assuming time will fix them

So you’ve been in a relationship for a few months. The sex is great, you want to spend all your time together and you’re secretly planning your wedding in your head. Except there’s this one thing your partner does that really bothers you. But no big deal right? Over time it’ll work itself out. It’s easy to see your partner through rose-colored glasses early in the relationship, but it’s important to listen to your intuition. Talk about little things that could potentially develop into real problems with him and please be honest with him. If he loves you he will listen and give his submissions on a way to avoid future problems.


3- After a year: Losing touch with your friends

We all know that friend who got into a serious relationship and suddenly went MIA. In this fast-paced world, just managing to juggle work and a relationship can seem daunting. But it’s important to continue to cultivate your friendships outside the relationship. You’ll be grateful you did when your partner is driving you crazy and you need a shoulder to cry on (or someone to complain to over drinks, but be careful not to paint him all bad it may get to his hearing and you don’t want that) It’s perfectly natural to spend less time with your friends than when you were single, but spending all your time with your partner is quite unhealthy. Plus your friends can offer outside perspectives that can actually help strengthen your relationship (But again tread cautiously here some “friends” who are single will be more than happy to see your relationship bite the dust specially if they are the jealous type)


4- Moving in together: Failing to discuss money/finances

Talking about money is awkward (make that very akward). It’s not sexy and can be embarrassing, but you just have to grit your teeth and do it anyway. If your credit is trash from student loans or other debts you need to tell your partner before you attempt to move in together. If their paycheck is twice what you make but you’re still splitting expenses equally you may become resentful. It’s important to have the frank discussion so that you both know where you stand. Don’t attack your partner in any way shape or form over this subject, instead air grievances in moments probably when you both are relaxed and in a good mood perhaps on a Saturday morning  in bed.  That way you can work out a fair way to split expenses and save for your future together.


5- After 5 years: Falling into a rut

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s easy to fall into the same routine out of comfort. There’s nothing wrong with having Taco Tuesday night every week, but it’s important to find some variety to prevent boredom. Some couples are creative and do great stuff in the house. others run a business or a project together (this is by far one of then best ways to keep Boredom away).Yes It’s unreasonable to expect to have the same passion and excitement you had at the beginning of the relationship but that doesn’t mean you should settle for safe. For your own self-development and the growth of the relationship, it’s important to find little changes that will keep you and your partner both engaged. Its not that hard..Keep reminding yourself why you love each other. Communicate, but overall if he or she is your best friend..Talk like friends and you will always almost never be bored.

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