My people How una dey? omo its good to be back after the long Season break from this column Sky remains blue..but i no dey happy ..why you may ask? My club no dey kpef me jare. E just be like say na secondary school children dey in charge for this club. Ok see, as season end, Management been know say dem no want Conte Again, why dem no take quick Action quick to Bring in Sarri in sharparly and give him the chance to settle well before the season start?  Me i know say Conte mess up wella concerning how he handled some issue last season (especially the Diego Costa matter) but that Guy is still a solid coach any day. Now see as season don start Most of our stars neva return, Willian and Hazard no dey settled and now Mancity and Arsenal wey be our rivals don already use us rinse mouth.

The way the Team performed in the community shield match was bad. No sign of confidence going into the new season and as a chelsea fan omo fear dey catch me.. We no fit start this new season badly o. This 2-0 defeat was bad for me watching it because Aguero scored 2 cheap goals and if it were a more settled and confident Chelsea he wont have scored.


All this sack sack of Manager no make sense..It is going to start affecting the team in the long run. Well i no wan talk to much this one na just my first post of the season. Welcome back to your number one chelsea column On Lets all pray say by the time we take on Huddersfield this team is well ready to go

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